Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Yummiest Low-Calorie Desserts, And They’re Vegan!Cupid's Pulse Article: Food Trend: Yummiest Low-Calorie Desserts, And They’re Vegan!

By Jessica Gomez

The hardest part of dieting for many of us is the process of giving up the unhealthy deliciousness we love! However, there are ways to get around this! Instead of cutting out all sweets, go for low-calorie ones. Our favorite stars do it! They fit scrumptious desserts into their celebrity diet while keeping their calorie intake low, and still have that great celebrity body. So, we want in! Be ready to indulge in healthy deliciousness.

Check out the latest food trend in the form of some of the most mouth-watering low-calorie vegan desserts out there!:

The following recipes are to die for, and they’re both vegan and healthy (as far as desserts go, anyway)!

Peanut Butter Pie: Do you love peanut butter? Do you love pie? Then you’re gonna love this. Annie, a weight-loss expert, Holistic Health Coach, and PhD student at UT Austin, believes this is one of her best baked goods yet! This has a serving size of eight, and only contains about 62 calories per serving!

Skinny Chocolate Milkshake: Do you love chocolate? Do you love shakes? Well, we have a treat for you that’s only 49 calories! Say what?! It’s also gluten and sugar free, with low carbs. This is a flavorful drink with the thickness that matches a “regular shake.” Also made by Annie, it’s just a healthy piece of deliciousness.

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Dark Chocolate Cherry Bark:  Do you like a nutty dessert? A fruity one? Alyssa Shelasky of Apron Anxiety and New York Magazine’s Grub Street, created a combination of both! And it’s only 95 calories per serving! Learn how to make it on the site by clicking the link above. Once there, scroll down, as it’s the fifth recipe. This seems new and exciting!

Mini Vegan Strawberry Cheesecakes: Do you love strawberry? Do you love cheesecakes? Then here is a mini treat made up of only 10 -calories! Jenny Sugar from Popsugar states that these are easy to make. Enjoy this creamy, fruity treat. They’re also very cute, so save them for yourself or bring them out during a party or get-together.

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Coconut Macaroons: Do you love coconut? How about macaroons? These are gluten-free, and are only 30 calories per serving! They’re on the dry side, as well, making them safer to pop in your mouth without worrying about an excessive amount of calories. Katie, proud healthy dessert blogger, loves chocolate, and believes “in eating dessert every single day.” With that being said, we should definitely trust what she’s talking about when it comes to these macaroons.

Which of these are you excited to try? Share below!