Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Drew Barrymore Says She Was In a ‘Very Dark and Fearful Place’ After DivorceCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: Drew Barrymore Says She Was In a ‘Very Dark and Fearful Place’ After Divorce

By Jessica Gomez

In celebrity news, Drew Barrymore opens up about the hardship she went through after her divorce from Will Kopelman. According to, she will not be acting any time soon. The former celebrity couple’s divorce had a big impact on her. “I personally was in a very dark and fearful place, and then this script came along, and I was like, ‘Yeah, I don’t think it’s a good time,’” she said.”I was not looking for a job,” Barrymore continued. “I had actually stopped acting for several years because I wanted to raise my kids, but then a shift happened in my life and I was separating from their father and it was just a very difficult time.” We sure are glad Barrymore is no longer in that dark place!

This celebrity divorce was not easy for Drew Barrymore. What are some helpful tips to coping with the divorce process?

Cupid’s Advice:

We know that divorce is not easy. And unfortunately, for some of us, it’s a time where we undergo a deep sadness. Cupid has some tips on getting through a hard divorce, and most of it is mental:

1. Know that you are sure about the divorce: Sometimes love can blind us, but it is important to know the reason for the divorce and that it is in fact the right decision. Try your best to skip any denial stage to make it easier for yourself. Think things through, analyze and examine your situation. But don’t overdo it to the point you’re blaming yourself or driving yourself crazy.

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2. Think of the positive outcome: It is hard to see the light during a time as dark as going through a divorce — but it is essential that you do find it. Things can look hopeless and that can drag you into a downward spiral. It is important to find the good in all the bad situations we’re in, no matter how small it may be. Just know that you are going through a hard time right now that will make you stronger, and the future holds something much better. Positive thinking goes a long way.

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3. Take care of yourself emotionally and physically: Make sure you eat well and exercise. Both eating and exercising are essential to your health and make you feel better after. As for emotionally, don’t overwork yourself mentally. Give yourself a break to relax. Also, if you don’t want to be alone during this time, then don’t be. Reach out to family and friends. It’s okay.

Have any advice on coping with a hard divorce? Share below!