Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: ‘Bachelor Winter Games’ Winners Ashley Iaconetti & Kevin Wendt SplitCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: ‘Bachelor Winter Games’ Winners Ashley Iaconetti & Kevin Wendt Split

By Jessica Gomez

In celebrity news, a celebrity break-up went down! Celebrity couple Ashley Iaconetti and Kevin Wendt have split. According to, Iaconetti confirmed that the couple broke up less than a month after the Bachelor Winter Games finale. The reason behind the split was recently discussed on Iaconetti’s iHeartRadio podcast. She said, “It sounds a little harsh, but it’s just that lack of — there’s magic. We get along very well, it’s just there’s a little something missing and you can’t really pinpoint what it is. That’s just how I feel.” Wendt confirmed, saying, “I feel like that’s normal and I feel like you get those connections all the time where if you take away our outside world and just put Ashley and me on an island together, we’d probably get along really well. And that’s what Vermont was.”

This celebrity break-up happened after a very short relationship. What are some ways to know your relationship doesn’t have longevity early on?

Cupid’s Advice:

For the most part, we want the relationships we enter to last. Sometimes there are signs to look out for to tell if the relationship is most likely going to hit a dead end down the line. Cupid has a few red flags to share, get ready for some relationship advice:

1. Lack of trust: Trust is built overtime, but if there is no amount of trust, then the relationship will likely end soon. Trust is essential and can make or break a relationship. Consider the following: do you not trust them because of your own issues or actually because of them? Sometimes we have trouble trusting people, not because of what they do or the way they are, but because of what we’ve been through before them. This is something to consider before you go crazy over not trusting them, and thinking your relationship won’t last. However, at the end, you need to learn to trust those who have earned it.

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2. You can’t agree on anything: There are certain things you should be agreeing on. It’s okay to have differences in opinion, but if you can’t agree on things like goals and the future, then this is a red flag. There should be some similarities when it comes to the important stuff. To add on, when disagreeing on things, the situation shouldn’t get out of hand. You should be able to approach and get through the conversation calmly, not always ending in a fight– so this is something else to also look out for.

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3. Commitment issues: The inability to fully commit to you and the relationship is an obvious red flag. But that is not the only thing we mean when we say commitment issues. There are other things to look out for. If you notice that your partner in general has an inability to commit to things, then that’s a possible red flag that you guys won’t work out. In a successful relationship, we need consistency and devotion. If your partner isn’t dedicated, responsible, or is unable to pull through with their obligations, then it’s a definite bad sign. We need someone we can count on at the end of the day.

What are some red flags you’ve seen in past relationships? Comment below!