Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Date Ideas For Your Significant Other’s BirthdayCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Date Ideas For Your Significant Other’s Birthday

By Lori Zaslow and Jenn Zucher for Project Soulmate // Contributing Writer: Lauren Serrato

Planning the perfect birthday can be tough, especially when in a relationship. The date you plan can make or break your significant other’s big day, so choose wisely! When planning, you should consider what would be fun and memorable for both of you. Whether you are thinking sentimental, sexy, or spontaneous, the birthday date idea should always have a touch of you in it. Add in something special that makes it clear that you put a lot of thought into the date, like your significant other’s favorite food or something only you two would understand. Follow the relationship advice below, and you will definitely make your partner’s birthday one to never forget!

Five Birthday Date Ideas for Your Significant Other

1. Plan a picnic: This is the perfect date idea if you’re looking for something sentimental. The food prep, the wine, and the location are all aspects that you can arrange based on your partner’s preferences. Maybe he’d be into a picnic in the park with a perfectly-packed basket of wine and homemade comfort food as well as a cozy blanket for the two of you to share. If the weather isn’t nice enough for a picnic outside, no worries! Move it indoors. A picnic in the living room is just as romantic. Set the mood with dimmed lights and some flowers and candles, and you are destined for the perfect birthday date.

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2. A night out on the town: If you’re not into the sentimental stuff, plan a night out. Get dressed up and hit the big city! A night at his favorite bar is a great way to spend any birthday. If you’re looking to make it extra special, after happy hour drinks, go to a fancy restaurant that neither of you have been to before. Trying something new together will make it even more memorable.

3. Host a brunch: Looking to include your friends and family in the birthday celebration? Hosting brunch is a perfect way to get all your favorite people together. French toast, fresh fruit, and mimosas make up a delicious (and easy!) menu. This date idea is a great way to make your significant other feel loved, and it allows the two of you to have the night to yourselves after the party is over.

4. Recreate your first date: This date idea is the perfect way to show off your sensitive side. Recreate the first date you had as a couple. If it was a movie date, rent the movie (or find it on Netflix) and set up a theater at your place. Complete the date with popcorn and candy. You can add to the night by cooking your partner’s favorite meal.

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5. Plan a getaway: If you two have a favorite vacation spot nearby, book a nice hotel for the night or weekend and make reservations at your favorite restaurant. Or you can plan a road trip to a secluded destination. It’s the perfect chance for you to reconnect. Looking to make it more extravagant? Plan a few days of vacation in a different city or even a different state. If you’re tired of the cold, find somewhere warmer to travel for the weekend, like Arizona or California. You can find a nice place to stay through Airbnb. Whether it is an outdoorsy vacation or a few days filled with good food and shows, you’re sure to have created the perfect birthday weekend for your partner.

Don’t be afraid to alter these birthday date ideas to fit your relationship. Make it personal and memorable. Your significant other will appreciate the thought and planning you put into this date, whether it’s sentimental or spontaneous!

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