Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby News: Rachel McAdams Is Pregnant With Her First ChildCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby News: Rachel McAdams Is Pregnant With Her First Child

By Jessica Gomez

Multiple sources say that Rachel McAdams is pregnant, according to The alleged mother-to be has not said a word on it and neither have any of her representatives. McAdams has always been pretty private about her life. The last time she was photographed was in Toronto where she was wearing a jacket that could have been hiding her celebrity baby bump. She’s also been keeping a low profile in the last few months. We don’t know much as of yet, but let’s hope we soon will!

This celebrity baby news hasn’t been confirmed by McAdams herself, but we’re happy for her! What are some reasons to keep your pregnancy under wraps?

Cupid’s Advice:

Whether to announce your pregnancy or not is the mother-to be’s choice. Cupid has some reasons why you may not want to break the news just yet:

1. To avoid stress: Pregnancy is a sensitive time when your health and the one of your baby depends on you taking it easy. If we feel like outside factors can cause us stress during a critical time, then as mothers-to be we must cut out those things. Sometimes people can become over bearing when it comes to receiving baby news — so if you’re around those kind of people, then momentarily hiding your pregnancy is an option. Do what’s best for you and your bundle of joy.

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2. Judgy peers: Whether these peers are at school or work, or are your neighbors, friends, or fam, sometimes they’re just not the easiest people to deal with. At times, we may be surrounded by people who judge and/or gossip, and that can lead to you wanting to keep your pregnancy low-key. During pregnancy, drama should be avoided, so there’s no shame in doing what you have to do. Do what you have to do for yourself, forget about others. You and your baby are most important.

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3. You don’t want to jinx it: Some of us are superstitious and believe in the ability to jinx things. This may not be logical to everyone, but if it’s logical to the mother-to be, then that’s enough. It’s your body and your baby. Sometimes certain people find reassurance and comfort in not telling people right away due to fear of something wrong, like a miscarriage for example. At the end of the day, as long as the baby news is delivered later rather than never, it should be fine.

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