Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby News: Kylie Jenner Plans to Keep Motherhood Journey with Stormi Private for NowCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby News: Kylie Jenner Plans to Keep Motherhood Journey with Stormi Private for Now

By Jessica Gomez

In celebrity news, Kylie Jenner plans on keeping her life with celebrity baby Stormi low-key, at least for now. The 20-year old reality TV star and makeup mogul kept her pregnancy on the down-low and demands that her motherhood journey be kept private as well, according to “She is extremely protective and she is very focused on trying to keep motherhood private for right now,” a source said. “All Kylie wants is for her privacy to be protected right now and is pretty demanding about that at this time.” The source also adds that Kylie is in no hurry to get engaged to beau Travis Scott, so we guess there won’t be any celebrity wedding bells ringing there for a while.

In this celebrity baby news, it begs the question — is it okay to post photos of your child on social media? What are some factors to consider?

Cupid’s Advice:

Whether you want to post photos of your child on social media or not, the decision is up to you. It’s all up to preference, as long you understand the loss of control that takes place on your end once you upload a photo on the web. Here are some factors to consider:

1. It will always be on the web: When you post photos of your little bundle of joy, they will permanently be on the internet. This concerns some people, while others don’t find any harm in it. Think it through and decide whether or not this factor plays a role in your preference, considering that these photos are of your child and they will one day grow older and potentially see them.

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2. Cyber safety risks: Do I want everyone to see this? Unless your social media account is private, the photo is available to pretty much the whole world. So think about what you’re posting and consider whether you care who sees it or not. Cyber safety is one of the biggest concerns for parents considering it has been suggested that approximately 50% of photos on Pedophile sites come from the social media pages of parents.

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3. Some photos may either be misjudged, misappropriated, or both: On social media, everyone has an opinion. This makes room for people to sometimes misjudge what they see or think they see on a photo. Misappropriation also happens often, especially with memes. You never know if one your photos will fall victim to this. People all the time take photos and turn it into a post relating a totally different message, good or bad. If you’re fine with this because of your care-free attitude then that’s fine, but others may want to stray away from this.

What kinds of photos do you think should be posted and what photos shouldn’t be? Comment below!