Cupid's Pulse Article: Ways to Incorporate Food Into Date Night That’s Not Just DinnerCupid's Pulse Article: Ways to Incorporate Food Into Date Night That’s Not Just Dinner

By Karley Kemble

Dinner date nights are pretty standard among most couples. Sure, it’s fun to get dressed up and have a night out, or even have a sultry night in and cook together. Sometimes, though, dinner can feel like a drag or the safe, comfortable option. While there are plenty of potential options that do not involve food, we all have to eat sometime! If you still want to incorporate munching into your date night, but want to break free from the standard dinner-and-a-movie mold, you’ll love these awesome alternatives!

Grab a pen and paper, you’re going to want to write these yummy date night ideas down!

1. Have a Friendly Bake-Off: For some competitive fun with your partner, try a bake-off. You can make something as simple as cookies, or something more challenging, like a pie! Make sure to set some stakes before getting started: loser has to clean the kitchen or pay for the next time you go out!

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2. Samples, samples! Get your samples: Ever been to Costco in the evening? Make it a date night! Get your bulk shopping done and fill up on some yummy samples. It’s a fun and certainly different date idea. You can even make a game out of it, and see how many samples you can wrangle before being turned away. Though we can’t guarantee there will be samples readily available in the evenings, it’s still worth a shot!

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3. Breakfast for Dinner: We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You don’t just have to eat eggs, hash browns, or pancakes during the wee hours of the morning! Breakfast for dinner is an amazing substitute for a traditional pasta dinner at a sit-down restaurant. You can either find a cafe that serves breakfast all day, or whip up a meal in your own kitchen! It’ll feel much more special than a regular dinner, guaranteed!

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4. Everybody Loves Brunch: If you want the traditional dining-out experience but are tired of going to your usual dinner restaurants, switch it up and go on a brunch-time outing! Though this date wouldn’t take place during the traditional night setting, day dates are very fun, too! Brunch has become a loved meal of the day, because of its versatility. It pleases those who enjoy breakfast foods, and those who gravitate toward lunch.

5. I Scream for Ice Cream: Ice cream is a good idea year-round. Seriously! Nothing beats a spontaneous ice cream run, and there are plenty of places to grab a scoop, pint or gallon! Whether you want to split a huge sundae or do your own thing, ice cream is a great way to spend time together and treat yourselves!

How have you incorporated non-dinner date nights into the mix? Share your experience with us in the comments!