Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: How to Stay Confident in a Long-Term RelationshipCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: How to Stay Confident in a Long-Term Relationship

By David Wygant

In order to feel confident in a long-term relationship, you need to be in the right long-term relationship for you. If you’re not safe and you don’t feel like you’re being heard, then you’re in the wrong partnership. There’s no way in the world you will ever thrive in a relationship where you feel judged and evaluated at all times. For me — and I’ve been in many long-term relationships — the ones that I always felt most confident in were the relationships where I was actually seen for who I am. If a woman is trying to change you, if she’s trying to make you into someone you’re not, you’re never going to feel confident.

Long-Term Relationship Advice from Relationship Expert David Wygant

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Long-term relationships are some of the most beautiful things you can ever experience, but the only way to have a successful one is to truly communicate who you are. As a relationship expert, I believe that the beginning of a relationship is when you have the opportunity to be who you are and expose yourself. If you’re going to give her a false version of yourself, then her expectations are going to run rampant. And when her expectations run rampant, you’re not going to have a successful long-term relationship. That’s the biggest mistake most people make.

Most people make this mistake because, over and over again, they think they need to misrepresent themselves to “get” the relationship. To me, I expose it all — everything. I reveal all my fears and insecurities because I’m looking for a real relationship, a long-term relationship where I’m able to grow.

A strong long-term relationship is a relationship that’s a mirror. You literally reflect each other each and every day. By doing so, you will show each other exactly what you need to learn. A great relationship will reflect that right back at you. The best relationships are when you grow and when you get out of your own story and are able to create new stories together.

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So my best relationship advice for feeling confident is to be ready to express yourself. If you’re not able to talk about who you are and what you want, then you’re not in the right long-term relationship. Now, I can sit here and write another 25 pages on this topic, but the reality is, in life, we need to keep things more simple. And the simple dating advice that I can give you today is that you need to communicate all your needs, your wants, and your desires at the start of a partnership to be fully accepted and heard. Once you do, you’ll feel confident in your long-term relationship.

David Wygant is an internationally-renowned dating and relationship expert, author of the book Naked, and speaker. Through his boot camps, personal coaching, and his website, his love advice has transformed the relationships and love of hundreds of thousands of people from every corner of the globe. 

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