Cupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: Love, SimonCupid's Pulse Article: Movie Review: Love, Simon

By Karley Kemble

Love, Simon is a charmingly modern coming-of-age movie that tells a story about a teen struggling with his sexuality. Simon Spier (played by Nick Robinson) claims to live a “normal” life, and has a strong relationship with his family, great friends, and thriving academic life. But, the big secret he has yet to tell anyone is that he’s gay. Simon so desperately desires to experience romantic love, but finds that his inability to come out of the closet is holding him back. Once he begins to correspond with an anonymous peer who is presumably gay through email, Simon begins to find full, true happiness: maybe even love! Will Simon embrace his identity? Is he actually finding comfort in a catfish, or is this person the real deal?

This movie is a very heartwarming, and puts a modern twist on classic coming-of-age films. It also teaches us about relationships. Check out our movie review:

Should you see it:

Absolutely! You don’t want to wait ‘til this movie hits your local Redbox kiosk. This movie will open your eyes and will cause you think differently about how you interact with the world that surrounds you.

Who to take:

With a PG-13 rating, this is the perfect movie for teens, couples in need of a date night, and single adults. See it with anyone, or by yourself. All that matters is that you see it!!

Cupid’s Advice:

Love, Simon is a comedy, romance, and drama that has themes related to love, acceptance, and self-discovery. It also touches on modern romances and finding love through the digital realm. If you’ve been wanting to dive back into the dating world and have been considering using an online dating service or mobile application, here is some relationship advice from Cupid:

1. Know what you’re looking for: The online dating realm may sometimes seem like an endless cycle of tacky pick-up lines, boring conversations, and constant ghosting. It can be very tiring and cause you to feel hopeless. Don’t give up: know what you want and engage in conversation! Take the chance and send the first message if you’re usually the type to wait around.

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2. Be authentic: Yes, it’s cheesy. Be yourself. We’ve heard that saying a million times, but it is an important one to stand by when you’re seriously entering the online dating world. While it may seem tempting to tell little white lies from the onset, it’s better to remain authentic and gradually reveal more details when you become more comfortable. By doing so, you’ll attract authentic people, too.

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3. Pictures, please!: Perhaps the most important component to your online profiles are the photos. Since you are eliminating the in-person element, pictures are key! Refrain from posting too many group photos, and be sure to choose the ones that show your personality. Selfies are okay, just make sure you show other dimensions of who you are! (Stay away from Snapchat filters!)

Will you be seeing Love, Simon? We want to know! Have any advice for online daters? Let’s talk about it in the comments!