Cupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Gripbell for a Full Body WorkoutCupid's Pulse Article: Product Review: Gripbell for a Full Body Workout

By Rachel Sparks

This post was sponsored by Gripbell. 

Post-holidays means extra weight for most of us. With Spring followed by Summer right around the corner, the pressure to get your body back in shape is rising. Gripbell is the perfect accessory to add to your workout routine when you’re practicing Cupid’s fitness tips and trying out those latest celebrity diets!

Check out our product review to help you get that dream celebrity body!

Whether you’re at home starting your workout routine for New Year’s Resolutions, an experienced lifter, or recovering from an injury, Gripbell is designed to be both safe and versatile for your workout needs. The design features soft edges make it safe to use, prevents injury, and its ability to lay flat makes for an easily transportable workout for at home, at work, on the road, or on vacation.

What started as a Kickstarter project, Gripbell was officially released in June 2017. This new workout product offers a range of workouts that encapsulates the full body. With interchangeable weights ranging from three to twelve pounds, it’s perfect for any body and virtually any age.

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The revolutionary design combines the concepts of traditional handheld gym equipment, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls all into one device! Simplify your workout space and your workout routine with just one piece of equipment! Don’t worry; if you love the way Jessica Biel looks after her famous kettlebell workouts, Gripbell can do the same!

The versatility of Gripbell is what makes this trendy piece of equipment so successful. It can be used to simplify workouts because it’s three pieces of equipment in one. It can intensify your workout and is well suited for cross-training, physical therapy, weightlifting, or even interval training sessions. Add Gripbell to workouts where you wouldn’t normally have weights. Challenge your yoga, Pilates, or water aerobics routine by adding this flexible and water-safe product!

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If you’re recovering from an injury, Gripbell is safe for you to use. It is regularly added to physical therapy sessions and rehabilitation plans because of its safety and versatility in use and weights.

Do you need another reason to add Gripbell to your gym essentials? When you purchase your very own set, Gripbell sends full body and muscle specific training videos that were developed by experienced fitness instructors. It’s the perfect way to start or refine your workout routine! A full set costs $245, or you can purchase single Gripbells based on weight, the three pounder starting at $45. It’s a worthwhile investment for your home gym!

We’ve fallen in love with the way Gripbell has changed our workouts and we can’t wait for you to feel the same! Are you ready to buy your own? Check out their website at or Facebook page!