Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Fitness Secrets: Funky Exercise FadsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Fitness Secrets: Funky Exercise Fads

By Christine Rudolph

While it may seem as though celebrities keep their exercise routines mum, occasionally we’re able to snatch their fitness secrets. While some stick to the standard gym routines, machines, and weights, others have some very interesting ways of getting fit. Leave it to celebrities to find super interesting workouts that help achieve perfectly toned bodies! If you’re looking to workout like a celebrity and achieve a fit celebrity body, then some of these exercises might be for you.

Bored of your routine gym workouts? Check out some of these celebrity fitness secrets that will change the way you workout!

1. CrossFit: CrossFit has taken the fitness world by storm over the years, and is one of the most rigorous workouts out there! This super popular workout combines a multitude of exercises such as cardio, weights, and kettleballs in a short 45-mintute timespan. Quality trumps quantity; your results aren’t determined by how much time you spend in the gym, rather, by how hard you work out. Jessica Biel is a huge fan of this regimen – and judging by her perfectly chiseled body, she certainly isn’t intimidated by its intensity!

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2. Piloxing: As you may have guessed, Piloxing is a high-energy combination of Pilates and boxing. Celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Hilary Duff, and Ashley Tisdale are all fans of this recently popularized fitness routine. The workout is focused on building the core and muscle toning, which ultimately helps build strength and endurance. Piloxing is also a huge calorie burner – you can you can burn 900 calories in just an hour!

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3. Barry’s Bootcamp: If you’ve ever wondered how Kim Kardashian has achieved her post-baby slim downs, her fitness secret is Barry’s Bootcamp. Each class utilizes a combination of resistance training with elastic bands, kettle bells, and body bars, as well as cardio. Barry’s Bootcamp has been voted “The Best Celebrity Workout” by many fitness magazines and other publications, so you’re guaranteed to have a solid workout with each class session!

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4. Belly Dancing: Belly dancing is a super fun workout that has been around for quite some time! In the celebrity realm, it has become pretty popular among A-Listers like Shakira and Beyoncé. The sultry dances target the abs and sculpts the hip area. Bonus: you’ll learn to move muscle groups in your body that you never knew existed, too!

5. Hula hooping: Would you have ever guessed that one of your favorite childhood past times would come back into popularity as an adult? Hula hooping tones your entire body! Zooey Deschanel has embraced hula hooping fitness classes, because they target everything from your core, to your arms and legs. The best part is that it doesn’t feel like a workout at all! If you’re intimidated by exercise, this one’s for you!

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