Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Best Accessories to Wear for Valentine’s DayCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Best Accessories to Wear for Valentine’s Day

By Rachel Sparks

We all want to look our best for our Valentine’s Day date night, but we don’t want to risk our outfit looking similar to the girl sitting two tables over. To make yourself standout in incredible celebrity style, don’t forget about accessories! Bring the V-Day glam to your outfit with small pops of red and edgy bags!

These five accessories will make you a standout for Valentine’s Day!

1. Leather wrap bracelet: Wrap bracelets are trending, but they are an especially edgy way to dress up a classic red dress or something with softer edges. Wear it in bright red, soft pinks, or black for a classic Valentine’s Day look with a rocker’s attitude.

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2. Chains for everyone: Chains are everywhere. They have replaced the strap to your purse, have become bulkier necklaces, are added to your winter boots for some extra spunk. When choosing something sporting traditional Valentine’s Day colors, add chains for a more modern look. Want some inspiration? We love Beyonce’s use of chains everywhere!

3. Traditional sweetheart bags: Remember those chalky, heart-shaped candies in elementary school? Get inspiration from a sweet craving for your next clutch. Heart shaped, pastel colored clutches with cute sayings are the ultimate Valentine’s Day-inspired accessory!

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4. Kissable lips: Lips used to be the hottest thing back in the early 2000’s. Nearly twenty years later, bringing the trend back is a vintage highlight of the Valentine’s Day style! Whether it’s a lip-patterned outfit or the bold lip purse that Katy Perry rocks, this trend will have your date thinking about your lips the whole night.

5. Don’t forgot the heels: No outfit is complete without the right set of heels. You can never go wrong with a classic black, but for this V-Day, don’t hesitate to show some skin. Go for straps or open-toed for a cute peek-a-boo to tease your date. If the shoes have bows or heart accents, even better! Small details are ultimately what make your outfit unforgettable.

What must-have accessories do you wear for Valentine’s Day date night? Share your fashion tips below!