Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Dance Together at Jingle Bell BallCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Dance Together at Jingle Bell Ball

By Karley Kemble

After taking time out of the spotlight, Taylor Swift has had quite a public 2017! In the latest celebrity news, Swift and her current boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn were spotted getting cozy at this year’s Jingle Bell Ball in London. According to, fans spotted the pair dancing, swaying, and sharing kisses during Ed Sheeran’s set at the concert. Swift was a performer at the show, too, and sang some of her latest hits from her recent album Reputation. Sources have also reported Alwyn was seen dancing and singing while watching his girlfriend on stage! The celebrity couple has kept a lower profile than some of Swift’s past romances, but it’s likely they began dating earlier this year.

In celebrity news, this sweet duo is keeping things romantic. What are some ways to keep the spark alive in your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Regardless if you have been with your partner for a matter of months or many years, it’s important to keep the spark alive! If you’re looking for different ideas to reignite the romance, Cupid has some tips for you:

1. Surprise each other: Never underestimate the power of a random surprise. Leave a cute note in the pocket of their jeans or in the glove box of their car. The more seemingly random your hiding spot is, the bigger the surprise will be!

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2. Embrace spontaneity: We are creatures of habit, and it’s easy to feel attached to routine. Your relationship should never feel like a chore! Instead of doing the same thing you always do, say “yes” to new experiences. Do something together that is totally out of your comfort zones because it will bring you two closer together. Spontaneity almost always leads to memorable moments, too!

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3. Do things on your own: Now before you jump to conclusions, hear us out! Yes, this does sound counterproductive. How could spending time alone possibly bring you and your partner together? Perhaps your partner doesn’t like the same things as you – that’s okay. Think about this: allowing each other to spend time apart gives you more to talk about. What is better than seeing somebody you love talk about something they’re passionate about?

How have you kept romance within your relationship? Let us know below!