Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Taylor Swift & BF Joe Alwyn Go on Double Date with Blake Lively & Ryan ReynoldsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Taylor Swift & BF Joe Alwyn Go on Double Date with Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

By Marissa Donovan

Summer may be winding down soon, but things keep heating up between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn! According to, the two were spotted on a double date with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in Rhode Island! The pop singer has been MIA posting about her love life on her social media accounts. Swift has been supporting her friends’s new music on her Instagram. Hopefully the singer can release some of her new work soon!

Celebrity couple Blake and Ryan seem to enjoy the company of Taylor and Joe! What can you do if your friends do not support your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Friends can sometimes disapprove of your current relationship. They may have their reasons, but they could also change their minds. Here are some tips to help your friends accept and hopefully like your new romance:

1. Highlight the best parts of your relationship: Tell your friends the special moments of your relationship and how your partner makes you feel. Talking about how happy someone make you can affect how your partner is perceived. It will most likely allow your friends to warm up to them!

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2. Find common ground: Find the shared interest that your partner and friends both have. Bring up the interest when they’re both together or let your friends know that your partner also likes what they enjoy. Your friends can bond over the shared interest and maybe come to better terms with your partner!

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3. Spend more time together: Sometimes a little push is needed to help people get along. Try planning events together and see if your friends finally see how amazing they are. If your friends continue to not approve of your relationship, try reevaluating who you really want to keep close in your life.

What other celebrity couple could Taylor and Joe be spending time with? Let us know in the comments!