Cupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Advice: What to Do If Your Teen Wants to Celebrate Valentine’s DayCupid's Pulse Article: Parenting Advice: What to Do If Your Teen Wants to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

By Rachel Sparks

With Valentine’s Day upon us, we can’t help but worry about how our kids are feeling at school. Cyber bullying, daily stress, and the pressure of Valentine’s love can be too much for teens to handle. While it may be easier to encourage them to stay home and avoid V-Day celebrations, you can’t always tell your teen “no”. Cupid has parenting advice to help you and your teen survive another stressful holiday.

Help your teen rock Valentine’s Day with these parenting tips!

1. Enlist your teen’s help: Valentine’s Day is about love, but this is a great opportunity to teach your teen not all love is romantic. Giving to others, especially the down-trodden, can warm the heart on an otherwise cold day if you’re alone. Teach your teen to give to others and make a date of it. You’ll be giving your kid valuable love advice, helping them avoid loneliness, and you’ll be brightening someone else’s day.

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2. Give passionate affirmation: Teens are prone to thinking about nothing but romantic love. The idea of romance places value on who they are, which is an unhealthy perspective of self. Not all love need be romantic, especially when self-worth is involved. Teach you teen about positive self-images with passionate affirmations. Even if they’re alone this V-Day, they will have a lot more fun with friends if they feel love elsewhere.

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3. Pampering: Guys or gals, your teen needs some pampering. Take them to a sports game or to get their nails done, but find a way to express your love for them in their language. As annoying as parents can be to teens, they still need our love to ground them on an otherwise stressful day. Have a date night with your teen or have fun getting them ready for their own!

What parenting advice do you have to make it through Valentine’s Day? Share your tips below!