Cupid's Pulse Article: Your 2017 Celebrity Style Holiday GuideCupid's Pulse Article: Your 2017 Celebrity Style Holiday Guide

By Rachel Sparks

With the holidays comes a lot of pressure. You worry about what gifts to buy, decorating the house, preparing the best meal anyone has ever had, and to top it off, you want to look great. Rocking the latest celebrity styles during the holidays isn’t as hard as you may think. Though the holidays are typically adorned with flared waists or coy slip dresses, your closet may not have these feminine staples. Cupid’s done your research; here are the fashion trends that make you look like an expert in celebrity fashion this holiday season.

How to rock the holidays in celebrity style without a dress.

1. Forget the dress, rock the skirt: Tulle draping down past your knees is as elegant as any empire waisted dress. Pair it with a simple tee for a casual gathering, top with a crocheted sweater for that winter flair, or wear it with a tailored blazer for a formal but flattering look. If tulle isn’t your thing, metallic knee-length skirts bring back the holiday glam. Look to Jessica Alba for inspiration on this celebrity style.

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2. Velvet isn’t just for the ’70’s: Velvet is making a come back and there’s nothing more sultry than a smooth velvet staple in your holiday wardrobe. Whether a pantsuit, a blouse or blazer, or a skirt, velvet is a classic holiday style that’s just as gorgeous on adults as it was when we were kids. For inspiration, look to daring fashion expert Rihanna.

3. Holidays without red? No thanks: You can’t have a holiday outfit without a little red, but this year’s style trend uses a lot more than a little. Be brave and embrace the holiday color with a long red skirt, a glamorous top, or show-stopping red heels. Need some ideas? Emma Stone stuns with her red dresses.

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4. Sequins aren’t just for ornaments: If you’ve paid any attention to 2017 fashion trends, sequins have been everywhere. From a holographic, modernist edge to a more sleek maxi dress, sequins are staying, so it’s time to welcome the new year with this lasting look. From Duchess Kate Middleton to sweet-heart Taylor Swift, everyone has their own spin on sequins.

5. Heels that kill: End the bore of the classic little black dress by pairing it with statement shoes. Go for red, green, purple, or bejeweled. Get daring and dress up any normal outfit from your closet with an artsy, fashionista shoe to take you through the holidays into the new year with style. Our favorite celeb foot flare: Beyonce and Jennifer Lawrence.

What are you holiday style go-to’s? Share your fashion advice below!