Cupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Break Out the Floral Print This Fall and WinterCupid's Pulse Article: Fashion Trend: Break Out the Floral Print This Fall and Winter

By Mallory McDonald

Fashion is always changing and as styles come and go, the way we rock a look will change with it. While floral prints are known for their vibrant colors and appealing patterns, the idea that florals are for the warmer seasons is a thing of the past. Recent celebrity fashion trends are showing that florals are making a comeback in a darker and more radiant way. By changing the hues of the floral prints, it is becoming one of the hot fall and winter commodities in fashion. The best part about having florals be a year round fashion trend is that there are so many options with floral prints. You can turn a simple everyday outfit into the perfect outfit to wear to work or even out on the town!

Here is how to make spring florals a fall fashion statement:

1. The classic dress: Dresses are the perfect go-to. The same can be the same with floral prints. Wear a floral dress complimented with dark accessories & dark boots to bring the fall vibes through your outfit. Not only will you be comfortable but you will be trendsetting as you go!

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2. Emphasize the accessories: Choose a floral print that is dark in nature with some pops of color. Use your accessories to bring the underlying color in the floral print to life!

3. Blouses and denim: There is never enough outfits that you can pair with you go-to denim jeans. This fall find a floral print blouse that will flow perfectly with that pair of jeans that you just can’t wear enough.

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4.  Skirts are in: This fall skirts are becoming more and more popular just like the floral print. Combine the two fashion trends to make a kill outfit with a flowy and elegant floral skirt!

5. Shoes are a statement: An outfit is never complete without the perfect pair of shoes to round out the look. For those days where you can’t seem to bring any life to an everyday outfit, throw on a pair of floral shoes & really make the outfit go from drab to fab!

What are some other ways to incorporate floral prints in your wardrobe? Share your thoughts below.