Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: ‘Real Housewives’ Shannon & David Beador’s Split is Still on Despite ReunionCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Divorce: ‘Real Housewives’ Shannon & David Beador’s Split is Still on Despite Reunion

By Rachel Sparks

Real Housewives of Orange County stars Shannon and David Beador are still going through with their celebrity divorce, which was announced a week ago. reports that the ex celebrity couple were seen reuniting on Saturday at USC for their daughter Sophie Baedor. Though the couple are splitting after 17 years of marriage, both Shannon and David remain committed to regular reunions, claiming that co-parenting amicably for the sake of their children remains their goal.

This celebrity divorce is still happening after 17 years of marriage. What are some things to try to heal your relationship before resorting to a divorce?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Long-term relationships are a lot of work, but we often forget it. That initial falling in love feeling disappears but we’re still optimistic  about our futures. Routine, monotony, stress, and hardships challenge the relationship and it’s natural when we feel down from life to let those feelings translate to our relationships. How do we know, then, when we’ve done everything we can for our marriage? Check out Cupid’s relationship advice:

1. Decide if you want to fix your marriage: You would think this would be obvious for most people: you know either way if you want to save your relationship. But it’s much easier to say you do want to make things work than it is to take the actions to do so. When you realize you want to do the hard work it takes to repair a relationship, that means you have to stop complaining and start taking action.

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2. Take responsibility: Unfortunately, working on a relationship isn’t comfortable. Then again, it was awkward in the beginning, but that proved to be worth it. You’ll be embarrassed and humbled, but likely, so will your spouse. Own up to your mistakes, both past and present. Your spouse will appreciate it and you’ll find some closure on past pains. Your relationship will also take a giant leap forward as the two of you confront your demons together.

3. Respect and value: This is another that should seem obvious, but when you’re hurting it’s very easy to take out that pain on the other party. From our childhoods we all learned how easy it is to lash out at our family, and our spouses are no exception, but take a breath before you do so. Is that comment worth the damage it does to your relationship? Also keep in mind that actively paying attention and engaging your significant other shows that you value and respect them, and taking the time to listen and engage will go much further than an extravagant gift that was purchased to overcompensate for failures.

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4. Give your best: When you’re hurt, you don’t want to make yourself vulnerable, but you won’t move forward unless you try. Keep giving your best, even when your spouse isn’t. If things don’t work out you will know you tried your hardest and you will have learned from the whole experience for another relationship.

Have you been in a long-term relationship that’s failing? How did you try to fix it? Share your advice below!