Cupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Attend Church After Celebrity Divorce FilingCupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Attend Church After Celebrity Divorce Filing

By Noelle Downey

Celebrity exes Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were spotted smiling serenely as they exited a church service they attended together on Easter Sunday with their three children, according to Garner filed for divorce from Affleck on April 13th, with both of them deciding to pursue a joint custody agreement of their three children, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel. Although Affleck had been living in the guest house since the couple separated in June 2015, he will now be making the move to a new home as the celebrity divorce moves forward. A source close to Affleck reported it’s important to him to find a place near Garner’s house so they can both successfully “continue to co-parent as they have been” adding that Affleck is expected to move out “when he finds the right place.”

Talk about being amicable during a celebrity divorce! What are some ways to keep life normal for your kids during a split?

Cupid’s Advice:

While a divorce is enough to threaten the future of any family dynamic, Garner and Affleck seem to be able to put aside their differences to lend their kid’s lives some normality during this transitional period. Here are Cupid’s top tips on how to emulate these sensible celebs and keep your kids secure during your separation:

1. Present a united front: Just like this former celebrity couple, it’s important to focus on presenting a united front and creating a viable co-parenting experience for your children. Whether that means attending church together, having a family dinner once a week or a monthly family movie night, remind your kids that you can still function as a family unit and that you and your ex are still capable of coming together for their benefit and security.

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2. Develop healthy coping mechanisms: If you’re dealing with the pain of your divorce in unhealthy ways, your children will feel the strain of those negative behaviors too. A source on Affleck recently reported that he was “doing great” and was in “a healthy place” following his treatment in rehab for alcoholism. Just like this celebrity parent, focus on making sure you’re dealing with any issues you have behind the scenes to that your children can feel safe knowing you’re not going to fall apart at a moment’s notice.

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3. Communicate with your kids: While it’s true that your children shouldn’t have to handle hearing every detail of your divorce, you may also find that opening up clear lines of communication and talking your child through this difficult time will be immensely helpful in getting them to open up and feel safe with you. By talking to them honestly about how you’re feeling and how they’re feeling, you can validate their emotions and make sure they’re dealing with any sadness or anger they might feel in healthy ways.

Garner and Affleck seem determined to make things work when it comes to co-parenting their children. Do you have any tips on co-parenting that you’ve learned since splitting with your ex? Let us know in the comments!