Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Jennifer Garner Says She & Ex Ben Affleck Will Make Co-Parenting WorkCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Jennifer Garner Says She & Ex Ben Affleck Will Make Co-Parenting Work

By Brooke Crawford

A celebrity divorce is no different than any other divorce, especially when kids are involved. In the latest celebrity news, Jennifer Garner discussed her split from ex-husband Ben Affleck during an exclusive celebrity interview with Vanity Fair. According to, this former celebrity couple is choosing to continue on being a family unit for the sake of their three kids. During interviews, both stars have explained that their main goal is to do their best for the children.

This celebrity news really shows a commitment to family. What are some ways to compromise about your kids in the face of a split?

Cupid’s Advice:

Being in the limelight makes celebrity divorce even more complicated. If Garner and Affleck can co-parent with the whole world watching their every move, so can you! See below for some parenting advice from Cupid:

1. Alternate schedules: Divorce can be hard enough for a child to deal with on a daily basis. As parents, it’s your job to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible. Make sure that your kids are spending an equal amount of time at each respective parent’s home. It will ensure that bonds are not broken and that the child’s overall health is being safeguarded.

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2. Go to events together: Before the split, everyone in the family used to attend Christmas dinners, spring sings, and science fairs together. Even though things are different now, the show must go on. Take a cue from this celebrity news, and be cordial enough to attend events or even vacation as a family. It will show the kids that you are still a unified front.

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3. Just listen: Having open ears and open conversations with both your children and the other parent is essential. By always maintaining a policy of patience when talking, your child will see that their well-being comes before any problems that you and the other parent might have.

Life after divorce is hard to navigate. What are some ways that you’ve found to compromise? Comment below.