Cupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Advice: Mastering Liquid EyelinerCupid's Pulse Article: Beauty Advice: Mastering Liquid Eyeliner

By Karley Kemble

Whether you’re a beauty beginner or a makeup master, liquid eyeliner can be super daunting. Sure, you’ve watched endless makeup tutorials from your favorite beauty bloggers, but you can never figure out how they make it look so…easy. One little slip of the hand has the potential to ruin your perfectly blended eye shadow! Like most things in life, applying liquid eyeliner becomes easier with trial and error. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, but what’s great about liquid eyeliner is how versatile it is. Whether you enjoy a bold and dramatic look, or are more into looking classic and crisp, liquid eyeliner can give you the best of both worlds and is a beauty trend that never goes out of style!

If you’re ready to up your makeup game, check out these beauty tips that’ll help you master liquid eyeliner in no time!

1. Keep a steady arm: We aren’t all meant to be surgeons, so it’s normal to be a bit shaky when it comes to holding liquid eyeliner. If you’re having trouble keeping a steady arm, try resting your arms on a table or bathroom sink. You’ll find that it’s a million times easier to draw a smooth line when your arm is sturdy.

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2. Work in sections: A lot of the makeup pros are able to line their eyes with one fluid, sweeping motion. If that works for you, awesome! If you are still having trouble, working in small sections will give you the same effortlessly-chic look. A great technique is to dot your eyelid and connect the dots across. Starting from the center of your eyelid is also an easier beginning point, too.

3. Start with a pencil: If you love the look of liquid eyeliner, but are more comfortable with a pencil, try using both! Line your eyes with a pencil first. Then, trace over it with the liquid. That way, you have a clear path to follow and are less likely to end up with the dreaded raccoon eyes.

4. Have some helpful tools handy: Cotton swabs and Scotch tape are essential. If you feel ready to tackle the beloved cat eye, laying some Scotch tape on your outer eye provides a great guideline and allows for precision. Cotton swabs are delicate enough to gently remove any mistakes you might’ve made along the way.

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5. When in doubt, wing it out: Perhaps the most overwhelming but classic liquid eyeliner look is the beloved cat-eye. You can create the purr-fect cat eye look by lining your entire eye. Then, working from the outer corner closest to you your bottom lash line, create a tiny triangle that bridges your top and bottom together. From there, you can build your wing outwards.

6. Relax: A great mental state is super important when tackling liquid eyeliner. Before you bring that brush to your eyelid, take a deep breath and relax. Allow yourself to make mistakes, too. Consider practicing your technique outside of your regular glam-time – that way you’ll feel more confident if you’re running late for date night or a big party!

Are you a liquid eyeliner guru? Share your tips below!