Cupid's Pulse Article: Prince William & Duchess Kate Reveal Due Date for Celebrity Baby No. 3Cupid's Pulse Article: Prince William & Duchess Kate Reveal Due Date for Celebrity Baby No. 3

By Rachel Sparks

Revealed via Twitter, Kensington Palace shared the due date for Prince William and Duchess Kate’s third bundle of joy. This celebrity baby, expected in April 2018, was kept under wraps until September 4. According to, the royal couple decided to reveal their pregnancy because of a missed engagement due to Duchess Kate’s crippling morning sickness. We have no doubt the media will be camped out at Kensington Palace all spring until the big reveal of the new addition!

This royal celebrity baby is arriving in April 2018! What are some ways to decide timing when it comes to having children?

Cupid’s Advice:

When baby fever hits, how do we know it’s the right time? Kids are a serious, lifelong committment and require more hours in the day than we have. While we may not all have celebrity babies, we understand that all couples, including famous couples, have to decide when it’s the right time:

1. The puppy rule: We’ve all seen those happy couples who adopt a puppy and then announce their pregnancy a couple months later. Puppies, like babies, require late nights, selfless dedication, and constant attention. Can’t handle a puppy yet?  Hold off on those cute tiny toes until you can give all of yourself.

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2. How’s that career looking?:  While not as demanding as a newborn, cultivating a stable and successful career takes a lot of time and dedication. As cute as those chubby cheeks are, wait until you can focus your time on your new baby and have the support from work.

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3. That monster, debt:  We’ve all been young, holding our first glossy credit card. There’s appeal in swiping and getting what you want, but you have to pay for it at some point. As we get older, we accumulate student loan debt, car payments, mortgages, and medical bills. Even if you only have a few of these, think month by month. Will you be able to give your child everything you want them to have?

When baby fever hits, sometimes we can’t say no. What are some other factors you consider before planning for your own bundle of joy? Start the discussion below.