Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby News: Duchess Kate Gets Bump ShamedCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Baby News: Duchess Kate Gets Bump Shamed

By Ashleigh Underwood

If you needed a reason to love the royal family even more, then here it is. While suffering from a severe form of morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, Duchess Kate attended World Mental Health Day at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday. About a month ago, the celebrity couple Prince William and the Duchess announced they were expecting another celebrity baby. As this was her first outing since the announcement, fans were eager to see Middleston’s growing bump. However, they were shocked to see that her belly was extremely thin, and they were quick to comment on it saying, “I can’t believe she’s prego, she looks too thin.” According to, another fan jumped to her rescue and claimed that her late showing is likely due to her medical condition.

This celebrity baby news has us sad about the gossip, because everyone is different! What are some ways to keep gossip from affecting your pregnancy?

Cupid’s Advice:

People love to gossip, especially when it is about something they’re not used to. When it is about you and your baby though, it can be tough to brush it off. Here a few tip to avoid letting gossip affect your pregnancy:

1. Be honest: Sometimes, when the rumors and gossip go to far, you have to set the record straight. People will talk and talk until they hear what is really going on. If you are comfortable sharing the truth around their gossip, then by all means you should. This will put an end to their talk quickly because now the real facts are out.

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2. Stay positive: While you are pregnant, people will tell you that your mood affects your baby. When you are angry they can feel it and when you are stressed then so are they. So, even while they are rumors and gossip surrounding you,you must stay positive. Not only will it help you stay calm and enjoy your pregnancy more, but it will benefit your baby in the long run as well.

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3. Focus on your baby: People will talk and talk all they want about you, but you can’t let it stop you from enjoying your life. You’re pregnant! You are bringing life into this world and it should be celebrated and enjoyed always. So, push the nay sayers aside and live it up during this time.

How do you handle gossip? Comment below.