Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Destinations: Top 5 Vacation Spots to Spend New YearsCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Destinations: Top 5 Vacation Spots to Spend New Years

By Ashleigh Underwood

Ringing in the New Year has is one of the greatest celebrations of the year. Countries around the world participate in events like parades, dancing, fireworks, and street parties. While each travel destination have similar celebratory roots, they all have cultural twists that make them unique. While New Yorkers stand in the street and count down until the ball drops, those in St. Petersburg watch fireworks and send paper lanterns into the sky. Whether you like to party until dawn or enjoy a relaxing night in, there is a vacation destination for you!

Dying to be somewhere different for the New Year this year? Here a few travel destinations perfect for celebrating this special occasion.

1. Valparaiso, Chile: If your year hasn’t been the best, or you are feeling down and need a little extra luck in your life, Valparaiso is where you need to be. While partaking in traditional activities like large feasts, parties and fireworks, Chileans also celebrate in an unusual way. Each year, the people of Valparaiso, Chile attempt to bring in good luck for the New Year with a few different traditions that are extremely important in their celebrating. Firstly, they eat lentils, and 12 grapes. The lentils are eaten at midnight to ensure success and well being in the coming year. The 12 grapes are symbolic of each strike of the bell at midnight and are meant to fulfill all wishes and projects for the New Year. Their other classic tradition is donning yellow underwear throughout the festivities. The color represents energy and wearing it allows you to attract a happy and hopeful spirit. So, if you are needed some extra luck and good fortune in your life, while also enjoying a classic New Year’s Eve, head on over to Chile.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland: This small Icelandic town is sure to blow away your expectations of how a New Year’s party should be. The people who live in Reykjavik take their celebrations to a whole new level expanding the event across many cities and goes all night long. Not only can you take part in their insane nightlife, but you can also experience their unique cultural traditions. Each year, the citizens of Iceland participate in community bonfires to burn away the troubles of the past year. Then, they get to enjoy the firework spectacle that spans across their entire coast. After drinking away the night, they continue on the next morning with hangover curing meals. If you’re a diehard partier, Iceland is the place for you.

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3. Bratislava, Slovakia: In Bratislava, they are all about noise. This city offers a very casual, yet uplifting environment that is mean to keep you in the holiday spirit all night long. The town hosts thousands of people from all over the world in their streets each New Year, bringing them in with their many concerts. Bratislava is divided into sections, allowing one part for concerts and another for partying. The concert sections has several types of music going all throughout the day, including gypsy, folk, and disco. The other section, meant for partying, allows other to be more social. There is ice skating, restaurants, bars, and a large screen prompter to watch the celebration so you will be sure to see everything. At the start of the New Year, a fantastic fireworks show is displayed over the Danube River and people cheering and spinning their rehtacka. Participate in this tradition, and you are sure to rid yourself of any negative energy and start your New Year fresh.

4. Bahamas: While the Bahamas may make you think of a quiet, beach getaway, on New Year’s Eve they are anything but. Choose any resort to stay at and they will be sure to offer some type of activity that will make you feel at home. However, if you dare to venture off with the locals, your time will be much more exciting. The people in the Bahamas celebrate the coming year with music, masks, street performers, costumes, and parades. These festivities are part of the Junkanoo Celebration that locals hold very dear to their hearts, as it is a long standing tradition. It beings with a cultural celebration, welcoming people of all ages and genders to participate. This special procession is lead to a final party destination where everyone is welcomed to stay up all night and bask in the glory that is the Bahamian culture.

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5. Sydney, Australia: If you are looking to party in a huge way, Sydney is where you need to go. Here, they try and step up their game knowing that so many people will be watching. With more than 1 million people gathered around the waterfront, and a billion watching on T.V, the celebration lasts all day and goes out with a bang (literally). Throughout the day, there is an air show, a water performance, multiple fireworks shows, and a parade. This destination is perfect for the family, or a party with your friends. So, be one of the first to live it up in the New Year and check out Sydney!

Where is your favorite place to spend New Year’s? Comment below!