Cupid's Pulse Article: Travel Destinations: How to Plan the Ultimate Trip to EuropeCupid's Pulse Article: Travel Destinations: How to Plan the Ultimate Trip to Europe

By Melissa Lee

If you’re in desperate need of vacation, summertime is the best time to plan one! Although beach getaways are always fun, why not try something different this year? This summer, plan the ultimate trip to Europe, whether it be with your sweetheart, your best friends, or even your family. However, before you get too excited, be sure to have everything organized and planned out before you leave the country.

Planning on a trip to Europe? Cupid’s got you covered with some travel tips!

1. Decide on destinations: Europe is a huge continent, so decide what parts you’d like to visit, and how long you plan to stay in each place. Some popular spots include London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Venice, Rome, Berlin, Prague — the list can go on and on. So, before doing anything, make a list of the cities or countries you want to hit and how long you’ll be there.

2. Plan each day: This may seem extremely tedious, but it’ll definitely help keep things organized. Create an itinerary for each day that you’re there. Since you’ll be traveling throughout different countries and cities, it’s important that you have a plan for every day, unless you decide to roam around and explore — which is also a ton of fun! For example, if you’re spending three days in London, choose what sights you want to see and how you will split them up between the days you’re there.

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3. Do your research: You don’t have to plan out every single detail of your trip, but you should definitely research each destination and the popular sights. In addition to that, it’s important to research and book hotels that you’ll be staying in in each city. Make sure they have good reviews and you’ll be in a safe environment!

4. Research flights: Decide whether you’d like to book roundtrip tickets or one-way flights, depending on your circumstances. If you’d like to have everything organized before leaving, it’s probably best if you purchase roundtrip. On the other hand, if you think you’ll be more spontaneous, one-way tickets may be the way to go. It’s completely dependent on your plans and what you want to do.

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5. Figure out how to travel between cities: Since you’re not going to be staying in one city, it’s important that you research ways to travel between each destination. In many cases, you can book tickets up to three months in advanced. There are also several different ways to travel in Europe, including train, bus, plane, or even driving.

What are some of your travel tips? Share them below.