Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Diet: 5 Diet Tips Tried & Tested By Your Favorite CelebsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Diet: 5 Diet Tips Tried & Tested By Your Favorite Celebs

By Melissa Lee

Celebrities constantly look perfectly in shape, but it’s no surprise in this day in age — especially because it seems as though every star as their personal nutritionalist and private trainer. If you’re looking to get in shape, looking to your favorite celebs might not be the worst idea. Stars are constantly trying out the newest fad diets and exercise classes, so why not try out some of these celeb-approved diet tips?

If you’re frustrated with your current diet, never fear — Cupid has some diet tips that have been tested by your favorite celebs guaranteed to help you during your weight loss journey!

1. Bridal-body boot camp: Pippa Middleton, who is newly married to longtime sweetheart James Matthews, took getting ready for her wedding day very seriously. She trained five days a week, focusing on Pilates and cardio, and even eliminated alcohol from her diet.

2. Girl squad boot camp: Former First Lady Michelle Obama recently shared on Instagram that she hosts boot camp weekends for her and her close girlfriends. The girl squad doesn’t care about their varying levels of fitness, but rather enjoyed doing the workouts together. Obama revealed that elbow planks, crunches, leg raises, and lunges are only some of the exercises they do together.

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3. Box it out: Hailey Baldwin’s body is no joke, and boxing may be the reasoning behind her killer abs! Baldwin shared a video of her intense workout at Rumble Boxing in NYC, where she showed off her moves, including jabs, ducks, crosses, and uppercuts. Boxing is a high-intensity workout that’s guaranteed to leave you sore the next day, but also help build up your strength — sign us up!

4. Healthy lifestyle, healthy mind: Ayesha Curry, wife to basketball star Steph Curry, went into detail about her weight loss journey and how she was able to lose 20 pounds without going on a diet. She revealed that she is not one to completely alter her lifestyle, but rather indulge in moderation — something her nutritionalist advised her to do. “I think the key to a happy, healthy lifestyle is being happy and healthy in your mind.” Despite this, Curry did workout like crazy and is a huge SoulCycle fan.

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5. Vary your workouts: Shakira is practically known for her amazing hips, and she shared her secret to staying fit even when you have a thousand things going on — varying your workouts! Shakira tries her best to stay active as frequently as possible, but she doesn’t do the same workouts all the time. By switching it up, she’s using different parts of her body and slowly toning them, enabling her to have a killer body.

What are your favorite diet tips? Share your thoughts below.