Cupid's Pulse Article: Popular Restaurants: Are Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails Safe?Cupid's Pulse Article: Popular Restaurants: Are Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails Safe?

By Melissa Lee

Mixing liquid nitrogen with your favorite drink might not sound like the greatest idea — but it’s actually a food trend that’s become quite popular within the past year. Restaurants like Employees Only and Please Don’t Tell in NYC are known for their creative drinks, liquid nitrogen cocktails being one of them. Although this may seem like an awesome idea, it raises a pretty important question — are they even safe?

Popular restaurants have been serving up liquid nitrogen cocktails, but Cupid’s here to let you know whether or not these drinks are a good idea.

1. We consume liquid nitrogen all the time: First off, it’s important to know that liquid nitrogen to make certain foods like ice cream, but this is not the same form of consumption that occurs in liquid nitrogen drinks. When it’s in ice cream, the nitrogen has already evaporated, so it’s a-okay to eat. However, with these cocktails, most bartenders tend to chill the glasses in liquid nitrogen — but the bartender should be trained in the proper use of the element.

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2. It is non-toxic: Research has been done to reveal that nitrogen is technically non-toxic, but this doesn’t necessarily alleviate all safety hazards. Liquid nitrogen is still cold enough to cause frostbite. Additionally, even if it evaporates, the remaining liquid can be dangerously cold and even has the power to leak into tissues after the nitrogen gas exerts pressure.

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3. Drink in moderation: As long as the bartender is familiar with liquid nitrogen and is aware of safety pre-cautions, having one cocktail shouldn’t result in anything dangerous. But this shouldn’t become your drink of choice — regularly consuming liquid nitrogen in this form can cause severe damage to your mouth, stomach and esophagus.

Have you ever tried liquid nitrogen cocktails? Share your thoughts below.