Cupid's Pulse Article: Famous Restaurants: Hottest Happy Hours in NYCCupid's Pulse Article: Famous Restaurants: Hottest Happy Hours in NYC

By Noelle Downey

Whether you’re prepping for a Tinder date and you’re not sure where to go or you’re in desperate need of a night out with friends for a few drinks, happy hour is a great way to have a ton of fun and keep your bill at the end of the night under budget. However, especially if you’re in a busy city like NYC, the amount of restaurants that offer happy hours can feel overwhelming. So, to make your next night out on the town in the Big Apple feel a little less hectic, here are five of the hottest happy hours in NYC that will win you over with their low-priced drinks and great food in a New York minute.

There’s nothing happier than happy hour, so get ready to put all of these top five famous restaurants at the top of your list for your next night out on the town!

1. Dutch Kills: This Long Island City restaurant is a great place to head when you’re looking for a cocktail and a great happy hour deal. From 4-7 PM on Sunday through Thursday you can choose from a list of hand-selected cocktails to sip for just eight dollars apiece. This is the perfect place to head for a night out with the girls because it’s busy and bustling; get there early or you’ll find the bar packed and the seating arrangements strictly standing room only!

2. Mess Hall: If you’re looking for an NYC location with a little more of a rustic vibe, look no further than the Mess Hall, a pub in Harlem that focuses on the natural side of things, with taxidermied animals styled next to romantic string lights for a mix of woodsy and sexy. Every day from 4-8 PM the Mess Hall happy hour features wine, beer and shots for just six dollars and certain drafts for just five dollars. Sip a sensational drink for a reasonable price and enjoy the décor and a fun night out at this Harlem location.

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3. Shorty’s: Want to head out for some fun drinks and laughs, but also craving a large, delicious meal? Never fear, Shorty’s Upper East Side location has just what you’re looking for with not one but two daily happy hours Monday through Friday from 4-6 PM and 10 PM to closing. Chug a beer for only five dollars or sip a well drink for six while also enjoying one of Shorty’s specialty cheesesteaks for a hearty and satisfying dinner that will leave you ready to take the city night life by storm.

4. Fresh Salt: If you’re strolling across Brooklyn Bridge on a hot date night and feel the need for a little nightcap, look no further than Fresh Salt, a short walk away. Although the sign may look a bit weathered, this famous restaurant offers classic ambience and great deals, with a happy hour from 4-8 PM daily that offers six dollar glasses of delicious wine and five dollar draft beers and well drinks. Keep things fresh at Fresh Salt whether you’re visiting with a potential new love interest, a friend from work, or all your BFF’s.

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5. Bubby’s: If you’re craving more variety when it comes to happy hour drinks and are also feeling the need for some great burgers or jerk chicken, try Bubby’s, a great hotspot with colorful chairs outside and a fun and funky feel on the inside. Happy hour comes every Monday through Friday from 4-7 PM and features a variety of lower-priced drinks, including alcoholic punch, 50/50 martinis and sparkling wines, all for just seven dollars apiece. Sip a drink and enjoy the relaxed and fun environment at this famous NY restaurant bustling with all the energy of the big city.

Will you be visiting any of these establishments the next time you want to enjoy a drink during happy hour? What are some of your favorite drinks when you’re out with your friends? Let us know in the comments!