Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Spend a Day at the ZooCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Spend a Day at the Zoo

By Ché Blackwood and Marissa Donovan

Get close with your sweetheart by visiting a zoo! Watch the penguins swim and the tigers wrestle while spending an afternoon outside in the fresh air. See the variety of other creatures sharing our planet.

Get wild with this date idea by going to the zoo with your loved one!

If you want to get really close to Mother Nature, visit a petting zoo.  While you may not spot any lions, you’ll have the chance to touch gentle animals like sheep, pigs and goats.

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If sea creatures are more up your alley, visit an aquarium.  Watching sharks glide through the water and jelly fish pulsate will leave you relaxed and in awe. Try quizzing each other with animal trivial while entering a new exhibit!

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Make sure to leave a donation before heading home to ensure zoos and other animal friendly organizations can continue their work. You can also go home and donate money to a organization that is currently helping your favorite species. Sometime an organization will give you a birth certificate for donating, which would be a great gift for your partner!

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What animal do you love to visit at your local zoo? Tell us in the comments below!