Cupid's Pulse Article: Weekend Date Idea: Kinkajous, Horses, and Clown Fish — Oh My!Cupid's Pulse Article: Weekend Date Idea: Kinkajous, Horses, and Clown Fish — Oh My!

By Brooke Crawford

According to, spending time with a furry friend can provide both mental and physical health benefits. So take a step away from your normal date night activities and invite a furry friend along next time! Our dating advice below could help you relieve some stress and take your relationship to a new level.

An Exotic Weekend Date Idea

The Exotic Animal Experience, located in Orlando, Florida, is home to many endangered and exquisite animals. According to the owner, these animals have been raised together since birth and are now interactive with each other as well as guests. Some of the animals that can be seen include lemurs, kangaroos, and even a kinkajou. If you want to spend time with these cute companions, call ahead to make a reservation.

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Although horses aren’t as exotic as the animals mentioned above, horseback riding can still provide the type of one-on-one time that you and your partner are craving. Sequoia and King Canyon, located in the Sequoia National Park in California, offers three different areas for your next horseback riding adventure. These trails give riders a refreshing view of beautiful scenery — perfect for a tranquil and romantic weekend date idea. Again, be sure to call ahead for accommodations.

Tropical Adventures is a California-based company that provides not only scuba diving classes but trips for divers with various levels of experience. Room, board, and dives are included in their year-round package deals. See who can spot Nemo and his clown fish friends first!

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Dating Advice from a Favorite Celebrity Couple

Incorporate your love for animals into your relationship with this date idea. If you need a little inspiration, look to celebrity couple Ian Somerhalder and wife Nikki Reed, as the pair are often seen rescuing and loving on furry friends of all kinds.

What’s your favorite way to spend time with animals? Share with us in the comments below!