Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Take a Trip Down Memory LaneCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

By Marissa Donovan

Some of the sweetest memories between two people come from the very beginning of their relationship. This weekend, plan a date night centered around all of your first experiences as a couple. It will be an evocative reminder of why you’re together and how far you’ve come.

Walk down memory lane as a couple!

Relive that special moment by visiting the place where you met. If you were introduced at a bar, go back and order the same drinks.  Wear the same outfit you wore on your first date, if possible, or simply grab a bite to eat and recall what attracted you to one another.

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Take some time to plan out the evening by revisiting the same restaurant, club, or venue that ignited the initial spark before you two became an item. Put on your best dress, have your partner pick you up, and get to know one another all over again.  You’re bound to feel those familiar butterflies, rekindling your romance once more.

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No matter where you met, engage in activities reminiscent of your vibrant beginnings as a pair.

Have you relived old memories with your long term love? Do you have a great first date story? Give our readers relationship advice on how to relive memories in the comments!