Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Go Back to College!Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Go Back to College!

By Shannon Seibert

You may have graduated years ago, but college life is still just as fun! As a fun weekend date idea, head back to your alma mater with your sweetheart to check out a football game, watch a performing arts group, and visit your favorite university bar or restaurant.

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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With This Weekend Date Idea

You invested four years of your life into a place that you never thought would mean so much to you. Whether or not college is where you and your honey met, college towns are still a haven for memories, both old and new. For this nostalgic date idea, take your love to all of your favorite buildings. Most universities allow public access to their libraries, informational buildings, and eateries. This way, you can even give your guy a personal tour of where you used to prep for exams and sneak in a quick study break for good measure.

Show him the sites that made you fall in love with campus, like the enormous oak trees, the daisy garden, or the baseball field. For University of Florida alumni, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium has never been a disappointment! As the two of you explore, you can chat about your favorite college memories and give each other insight on how you became who you are today. Considering this little piece of dating advice will definitely strengthen your relationship and love!

College isn’t just about the campus either. It’s about being independent for the first time and being on your own in a new town. Encompass that feeling all over again and head out on the town with your man. For a sweet and delicious date idea, visit the ice cream shop where you spent every Sunday afternoon. A double fudge sundae is always the best item on the college diet menu anyways!

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Talk with your honey about your awkward first college date at that hole-in-the wall restaurant — or even stop in for a burger. Restaurants and nightlife are a huge part of the college experience, so try and see if you still have that college spirit in you. Bar hop from Fat Tuesday’s to the dive bar next door. The bartenders are also a great source of information, so order a couple of peach-mango margaritas and learn about the changes the town has undergone since your last visit. This way, your sweetheart can take part in the town’s history with you.

What are some of your favorite college memories? Tell us below!