Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Aaron Rodgers Still Isn’t Talking to Family Post-Split from Olivia MunnCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Aaron Rodgers Still Isn’t Talking to Family Post-Split from Olivia Munn

By Marissa Donovan

NFL star Aaron Rodgers is continuing his silent treatment with his family, even after breaking up with Olivia Munn. The conflict between the family is said to have been caused by their dislike for Munn. Sources spoke with and shared that his family believed Munn was controlling during their three years as a celebrity couple. Since the split, Rodger has been visiting L.A. to hang out with friends. Hopefully the family can reconnect soon!

This celebrity break-up didn’t help matters with Aaron Rodgers’ family relations. What do you do if your family doesn’t like your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

We all want are family to love and respect our partner as much as we do. Here are some tips to fix the bad blood between your relationship and your family:

1. Spend more time together: The key to showing the best side of your partner is to let others see what you appreciate about them. Make an effort to have a family meal or a game night together. Your partners charming traits will show during a round of Scrabble or dinner conversation.

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2. Discuss problems together in private: Get everyone in the same room and have an open dialogue. This tactic may nerve-wracking, but your family and partner will be able to acknowledge each other’s problems and find a resolution.

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3. Look at the conflict from multiple perspectives: You’ve heard what your family and partner have to say about each other. Now let’s take every word into consideration. Is my partner controlling? Is my family too closed-minded? If the rivalry can not be fixed and the relationship is putting a strain on your family ties, then you should see other people.

Do you know how to keep the peace between your family and partner? Leave your advice in the comments!