Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 7 Reasons to Get in Good with Your Partner’s FamilyCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 7 Reasons to Get in Good with Your Partner’s Family

By Josh Ringler

Parents should be important to everyone. Yes, Hollywood may show that celebrity couples have their in-law problems, on-screen and off, but your future in-laws or just your partner’s parents are a huge factor in determining the overall success of your relationship. If you think that their opinion doesn’t matter, keep reading for dating advice reasons as to why their opinion is beyond critical to your love life’s success. Think of all the celebrity exes that became single because of parents’ disapproval!

These pieces of dating advice will explain why parental approval is a must in a relationship.

1. Parental pressure: If your partner’s parents don’t like you, they can begin to plant seeds of doubt into your partner’s head. “So, is he really good to you? Are you really actually happy with him?” can be questions you hear constantly and that will create problems quickly.

 2. Questioning: Questioning is one of those many problems. If you start to think about your parents’ criticisms of your relationship, you can run into trouble. You want your partner to really feel happy about you in all aspects, and parental approval is a must.

3. Adds to your relationship: Over time, your relationship will become layered with inside jokes, memorable places, unforgettable memories, and more. Having their parents like you will only add another positive layer to the relationship and will increase the likelihood of better things to come in the future. A good piece of relationship advice is to keep the relationship fresh and new, and adding new layers is a great way to do that.

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4. Discomfort: Often times, family time is a time that can include significant others. A trip down the shore or to a restaurant can now become a really awkward adventure. Celebrity couples turned celebrity exes became that way because of the discomfort, and you don’t want that! An important piece of dating advice is to always make your partner feel comfortable and not out of place.

5. Take time away from the relationship: If discomfort is a common trait when there is family time, you could also lose some time together. If your partner’s parents don’t like you, you may not be invited places or to dinners, or you might find excuses yourself to not be together because of her/his parents. This will lead to cracks in the foundation of your relationship, and that is never good!

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6. Happiness: Happiness is the most important part of any relationship. It’s important to always make your partner happy as much as you can, if not always. If your partner loves her parents, their disapproval may be a heartbreaking thing for them. If you’re respectful, responsible, and kind, their approval (and your partner’s happiness) will follow.

7. Deal-breaker: Do you want to marry into a family that doesn’t like you? It is true that it has happened before, but that doesn’t mean it is a good idea. Parental disapproval can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and ruins the relationship. Regardless of which of the reasons ends it, the lack of their parent’s thumbs up can really be a disappointing sign that things aren’t as good as you thought.

Did these pieces of dating advice put you on your partner’s parents’ good side? Comment below!