Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: Lance Armstrong Is Engaged to Girlfriend Anna HansenCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding: Lance Armstrong Is Engaged to Girlfriend Anna Hansen

By Cortney Moore

Finally, Lance Armstrong and his longtime girlfriend Anna Hansen are getting hitched! According to, this celebrity news comes straight from Armstrong’s Instagram, where he posted a picture of himself and Hansen, saying, “She said….. YES!!!!” After being together for almost a decade, a feat that is difficult for many famous couples- it’s about time they planned a celebrity wedding. Hopefully, the wedding will be a family affair since Armstrong and Hansen are parents of 7-year-old Max and 6-year-old Olivia; alongside Armstrong’s 17-year-old son, Luke, and 15-year-old twin daughters, Grace and Isabelle, whom he had in a previous marriage to Kristin Richard.

First comes kids, then comes celebrity wedding! What are some benefits to having kids pre-marriage?

Cupid’s Advice:

It used to be expected that marriage comes before children, however that is no longer the case in modern relationships. As a matter of fact, many have found benefits in parenthood before nuptials. Let Cupid show you how kids before marriage can help your relationship:

1. Sharing is everything: Having children teaches you how to share all over again. You’re adding another life into your home and daily routine. This is similar to what many newlyweds struggle with, however with a kid you pick up on this much quicker since they absolutely depend on you for survival. Getting used to sharing your life is a trait that’s definitely needed in marriage.

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2. Patience is a virtue: Children aren’t easy to deal with, but they provide a valuable lesson when it comes to patience. Crying babies, cleaning messes- it takes a lot of forbearance to endure such stressful situations. However, if you’re able to learn patience with children, you’ll be able to do the same with your spouse and hopefully avoid many arguments.

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3. Knowing your roles: Becoming parents before marriage is like a crash course in “adulting.” You and your partner are given responsibilities you’ve never had before, and you both have to work together to ensure your child has a good life. Helping each other out to raise a kid will bring you all closer and will also show you what to expect out of marriage.

Did you have children before marriage? How did it affect your relationship? Share your stories in the comments below.