Cupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple: Taylor Swift Is Dating British Actor Joe AlwynCupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple: Taylor Swift Is Dating British Actor Joe Alwyn

By Cortney Moore

Taylor Swift is no stranger to celebrity news tabloids when it comes to relationships. The 27-year-old blonde bombshell surprised fans however with her most recent love affair with British actor Joe Alwyn. According to reports from, this celebrity couple has been seeing each other for months now. “Taylor and Joe are the real deal, this is a very serious relationship,” an insider told The Sun. Why did Swift keep such a low profile with her new beau? “After what happened with Tom Hiddleston, they were determined to keep it quiet,” the inside source explains. Not only is this celebrity couple in love, but they’ve also gotten cozy while Swift has been renting a house in North London. Talk about commitment!

Tay is now part of a celebrity couple again! What are some ways to know you’re ready for a new relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Dating isn’t easy, this is especially true when heartbreak is involved. Everyone deals with break-ups differently, but sometimes it’s tricky to put yourself out there after ending a relationship. For those questioning their next steps, let Cupid help you figure out if you should start dating again:

1. Bitterness is gone: You’re ready to date again when you’re no longer listening to sad love songs and getting hit with flashbacks. Having memories of your ex is fine, but if they’re plagued with strong emotions you’re simply not over them yet. You don’t need to carry those sentiments into another relationship, so wait until your bitterness has passed before pursuing anything new.

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2. You want to have fun: Sure, you can have a grieving period over your broken relationship, but staying home and being miserable gets old quick. If you’re open to adding spontaneity and excitement into your life, then a new relationship might be just what you need. People who know how to have fun have better luck attracting partners with positive energy. It’s also okay to just go with the flow and date someone for enjoyment.

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3. Feel available: Before you attempt to date again, you have to ask yourself if you’re ready to open yourself emotionally. Will you be able to have deep conversations or share your fears with a potential partner? Not having the ability to open up or trust are qualities that will surely hurt your future relationships. Aside from sharing your feelings, you need to make sure you’ll be able to dedicate time to dating. You can’t form a meaningful bond if you’re only committed to yourself.

How did you figure out you were ready to date again after a break-up? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below.