Cupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Secrets: Learn More About Your Body in a Metabolic ChamberCupid's Pulse Article: Fitness Secrets: Learn More About Your Body in a Metabolic Chamber

By Cortney Moore

Thanks to modern scientific advancements, losing weight has become somewhat easier. Don’t believe this to be true? Well, researchers and fit celebrities have long kept the fitness secret that are “metabolic chambers.” Before your imagination runs off to a sci-fi fantasy, just know that metabolic chamber is just a regular room. The only difference is that your vitals are monitored and analyzed by experts to figure out your energy expenditure, and how variables such as diet and exercise affect your metabolism.

Metabolic chambers are the latest fitness secret for weight loss.

A few metabolic chambers exist in the U.S. However, each of these chambers have a few features in common. Metabolic chambers tend to be found in hospitals and university research centers, and usually require you dedicate 24 hours of your time. Being able to stay a whole day allows doctors and metabolic analysts to accurately ascertain how your body functions under normal and active circumstances. Inside the chamber you will, eat, sleep and partake in slow-paced and/or high-energy exercises, alongside daily activities. By the end of the study, researchers will show you your results and provide insight on how your body burns calories. Not only will you learn great weight-loss tactics, but you’ll also help scientists demystify the human metabolism in regards to nutrition, genetics, caloric burn during rest and exercise periods.

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Recently, ABC News anchor Mara Schiavocampo investigated the effectiveness of metabolic chambers in a “Good Morning America” segment. Schiavocampo stayed in a 9-by-11-foot metabolic chamber at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital in New York City for a full 24 hours. The chamber was airtight and measured her oxygen consumption along with carbon dioxide production to determine exactly how many calories she burned while inside. During her time in the chamber, researchers were able to determine how Schiavocampo’s body best burned calories and even offered her customized fat-burning fitness tips. “I was really shocked about the high-intensity interval training, I’m someone who reads about this stuff and I’m really into health and wellness, I thought it would burn more because I felt like I was working so much harder. But that just goes to show you it’s all about perception,” Schiavocampo explained while comparing workout results during the segment. “And that’s what the magic is about the chamber, it tells you what’s true for you.”

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Although metabolic chambers are helpful in determining your best fitness plan, they also aren’t accessible to everyone. A single night inside a chamber can cost anywhere from $1,500 and up. Yes, it’s a lot of money, but ultimately it’s up to you if it’s worth it to know exactly how your body expends energy and other valuable workout advice. If a metabolic chamber seems out of reach, then regular cardio and weightlifting may be your best options in cutting and toning.

What do you think of this fitness secret? Would you give a metabolic chamber a try if given the chance?