Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Prince Harry Secretly Visits Meghan Markle Before EasterCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Prince Harry Secretly Visits Meghan Markle Before Easter

By Noelle Downey

Royal redhead Prince Harry snuck in a secret visit to see his girlfriend Meghan Markle at her home in Toronto, Canada on April 12th, just in time for an Easter visit. According to, although Prince Harry tried to keep this visit discreet, using a baseball hat to hide his face from prying eyes, a source says that concerning the celebrity couple, Harry is anything but shy about his feelings. “Harry is truly in love,” the source confessed, “they’re very serious.” The famous couple’s romantic getaways to exotic locales ranging from Jamaica to Norway have made headlines in celebrity couple news in the past, and now it seems with this holiday visit this celebrity couple is one step closer to their royal happily ever after.

This royal celebrity couple is still going strong! What are some ways to decide how to spend the holidays with your new partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Just like Markle and her famous Prince Charming, you and your partner will undoubtedly have to decide where you want to spend the holidays together. Make the decision drama-free with Cupid’s top three tips on where to go with your partner for the holidays:

1. Alternate whose family you see each year: If you’re a homebody that likes to spend the holidays in the comfort of a family-environment, but aren’t sure if you’re up for two holiday celebrations in a row, don’t worry! Talk to your partner about whose family you should go see for which holiday and have an honest conversation about your family’s traditions and expectations to help them understand your desire to head home or see their extended family on a given holiday.

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2. Plan a holiday-themed trip for two: Not looking forward to another family-centric holiday? Why not plan a romantic getaway just for the two of you during the holiday madness? Whether you’re vising Easter Island this spring or enjoying a rustic romantic getaway around the hiking trails near Plymouth Rock for Thanksgiving, theme your activities around the holiday to make the trip feel more special and help you form new traditions with your partner that are unique to you two.

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3. Plan a stay-cation: If you’re both feeling exhausted and not up to the stress of a trip to see family or anyone else during the holidays, why not plan a stay-cation with your significant other? Make each other breakfast in bed, bingewatch your favorite Netflix shows together, spend time talking and sharing your secrets, and celebrate the holidays in style and comfort with your favorite person around.

It may be Easter and not February 14th that Prince Harry and the marvelous Meghan Markle spent together this year, but it’s clear that love is in the air for this celebrity couple. What do you think of their romantic rendezvous? Do you have a particular holiday getaway you love to escape to with your partner? Let us know in the comments!