Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: 10 Holiday Date Ideas For Long Time CouplesCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: 10 Holiday Date Ideas For Long Time Couples

By David Wygant

Ho ho ho, merry Christmas…politically incorrect as that might be. To tell you the truth, I miss the days when Rudolph and Santa reigned and everybody wasn’t as PC by saying “happy holidays,” but it’s the perfect season to put the focus back on your relationship and love. Even though the magic might be fading in your LTR, I have some great date ideas and relationship advice that will wake up the romance and bring the naughty and nice back into your sleepy, long term relationship.

Relationship Advice For The Holiday Season

1. Nothing’s sexier than dressing as his sexy little elf. A little bit of lingerie and Santa’s cap will go a long way. As a relationship expert, I strongly suggest surprising him with very naughty red lingerie and a red Santa’s cap, letting him play Santa to your naughty little elf.

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2. Go for a walk together and take in the holiday spirit. Considering that most of the country is bathed in balmy spring weather right now, it’s nice to go out at night and just walk around and see the Christmas lights. They will bring back romance from yesteryear and today. It’s almost like visiting the ghost of Christmas past and seeing the ghost of Christmas future. Hold hands, reminisce, get new ideas…then go home and have some fun!

3. Hot chocolate.  Nothing is more fun than sitting by a fireplace with your honey and drinking some hot cocoa. Find a little cafe where you can sit, watch the fire, sip on hot cocoa, and people watch. You will quickly realize how grateful you are to still be a team. It’s wonderful when you can reminisce and remember how great things are and can be.

4. Bedtime stories. Read him a Christmas bedtime story and it’ll remind you just how magical the night can be. Couples need to reconnect, and when you reconnect to your youth, you reconnect to easy feelings of when things were fun and open.

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5. Take a sleigh ride. Even in Southern California, there are places that you can go sleigh riding. Once again, doing something that children love to do will awaken that spirit in you. These are the most exciting things to do when it comes to dating during the holidays. So take a sleigh ride together.

6. Go caroling. It might sound cheesy, but my relationship advice is to go caroling because of the closeness you’ll feel with your partner. Singing songs in a group of people enables the inner child to come out and play. When a relationship gets stale, it’s like old bread, or even old cookies, that even Santa’s reindeer would reject. It’s wonderful to just go and sing and be a kid all over again.

7. Watch A Christmas Story together. One of the best holiday movies out there. It’s a movie that will remind you of when things were fun and easy. It’s also a little spooky and life affirming. Great for cuddling.

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8. Watch some holiday movies. What would Christmas be without A Wonderful Life? So get some good holiday movies, watch Harry Met Sally and Sleepless In Seattle. Movies that will remind you of Christmas, maybe Home Alone. Have a marathon and make some popcorn.

9. Get a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and bring it over to her house. Or if you’re living together, bring it home one day and decorate it with Christmas songs playing in the background. Wrap a little blanket around the tree and put up those ornaments.

10. A gift a day, goes a long way. There are 12 days of Christmas. Everyday give each other a little gift. A gift that reminds you of how much you love one another. Make it something simple and fun, even if it’s just a card or a candy cane.

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