Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Four Reasons To Be Thankful For Your PartnerCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Four Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Partner

By Lori Zaslow and Jennifer Zucher for Project Soulmate with contributing writer Nicole Hartley

Leaves are falling and frost is here, which can only mean one thing: the holiday season is here! Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the things in your life that you may not stop to appreciate on a daily basis. But most importantly, Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the people in your life. As relationship experts, we know that it can be difficult to take the time to appreciate your significant other as often as you probably should. Aside from birthdays and anniversaries, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show the person you love why you care about them. But before you do, our relationship advice is to realize why you’re thankful for them.

Relationship Advice: Be Thankful For Your Partner This Holiday Season

Here’s 4 reasons you should be thankful and appreciative of your partner this Thanksgiving:

1. It’s the holidays. Who doesn’t love holidays? Holidays bring food, friends, family, and most importantly love. The Thanksgiving spirit in and of itself should give you a reason to celebrate your relationship and love a little extra this week. Spend some time cooking together or watching a game of football. Listen to our love advice and whatever the tradition is, share it together.

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2. They put up with you. Okay, this is a big one. If nothing else, you should appreciate your significant other because they have to put up with you on a regular basis. Sure, we all think we’re great and have no flaws, but the fact of the matter is that we do. Thanksgiving is meant to ignite a sense of gratefulness for the people you care about, so be grateful that he/she puts up with you during your best and worst moments.

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3. It’s the season of giving. Relationships live and thrive through compromise. The ever-changing cycle of give and take is what makes a relationship tick and function properly. Only you and your significant other know your system of give and take, but consider giving a little extra this holiday because it’s good-natured and it even feels good too. If you know he/she likes their potatoes made a certain kind of way, consider making their favorite dish this Thanksgiving to put a smile on their face and satisfaction in their stomach. The little things go a long way, so consider what they love and try to give them what you can this Thanksgiving.

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4. For all the times you didn’t say thank you. We’re all guilty of taking things for granted, but it’s important to stop and appreciate who you have every once in a while. There probably has been countless times that your partner has done something for you that you didn’t notice, like hanging your keys up in the same spot so you don’t forget them. Again, it’s the little things that count. It’s okay to forget a thank you here and there. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to tell the person you love how you truly appreciate every time they do those little things, even when you may not say it every time. It’s the perfect time to say thank you for all the things that typically go unnoticed. Our relationship advice is to spread thanks as generously as you spread your gravy and your holiday is bound to be a success along with your relationship.

Relationship experts Lori Zaslow and Jennifer Zucher are BRAVO TV’s Love Brokers and founders of Project Soulmate, a high-end New York-based matchmaking company.