Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Stylist Rachel Zoe Shares Her Tried and True Tips for Organizing Your Life in the Most Fashionable WayCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Stylist Rachel Zoe Shares Her Tried and True Tips for Organizing Your Life in the Most Fashionable Way

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Noelle Downey.

When you’re constantly on-the-go, living your best and busiest life, it can be difficult to find the time to stay both organized and on trend. Designer, author, entrepreneur, and celebrity mom Rachel Zoe knows all about this concerning conundrum. Fortunately, she recently spoke to in an exclusive celebrity interview about how to prioritize and keep life mess-free. Watch the video above for her best tips for a fashionable, focused, and clutter-free life!

Celebrity Interview with Fashion Stylist Rachel Zoe

Zoe is not only a fashion icon and successful professional; she’s also the mother to two adorable boys: Skyler, 6, and Kaius, 3. When she’s not being a super mom for them, she and her handsome hubby Rodger Bergman are taking the fashion world by storm with Zoe’s designer label, online fashion periodical The Zoe Report, and her sensational style books. So what’s her best advice for keeping things in order while still having it all? “Well, staying organized — it’s hard. In my personal life, it’s a lot of staying on top of ever-changing weather and keeping my go-to items in the forefront of my closet,” she shares.

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Not only does this make Zoe’s getting ready process “easier,” but she also gets a head start when it comes to refreshing and reorganizing. “I think it’s just about cleaning — cleaning everything, from your beauty cabinet to your car — and staying organized because you’ll actually feel better,” she confides.

Of course it’s not just about killing it when it comes to keeping things clean. The stylist also dishes about what to keep and what to part with when it comes to revamping your style. “Definitely get rid of the things that you have not worn in years. When there’s nothing about you that relates to this thing anymore, it’s time to get rid of it,” she advises.

Celebrity Mom Rachel Zoe Talks Spring Cleaning

But what’s her secret weapon for making sure her busy lifestyle and two kiddos don’t get in the way of a pristinely clean environment? “I’ve partnered with Lysol on talking about this incredible product,” she reveals. “It’s actually a Laundry Sanitizer. Especially since we have young children, we’re always washing their blankets and bedding and clothes, and adding this Laundry Sanitizer makes everything you wash virtually free of all harmful bacteria.”

She has also designed a limited edition blanket to show how the sanitizer works and keep your little ones stylishly cuddled and clean. These products are a lifesaver, perfect for busy moms who want to avoid the leftover bacteria that other cleaning methods might leave behind. “Knowing that I’m taking the germs out of what my kids wear every single day is a life-changing thing for me,” Zoe enthuses.

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Of course, getting organized is just the first step to looking fabulous. You also need to stay on-trend! Zoe let us in on some insider info for how to look stylish as the weather warms up. “I always have a lot of jackets,” she shares. “I love a lightweight jacket in a natural color, like camel, blush, or white. It looks really fresh for spring.” You heard it here first: Jackets are the must-have staple of your wardrobe for spring according to this famed fashionista!

From start to finish in this celebrity interview, the designer looked calm, confident, and, of course, effortlessly chic. This celebrity mom has certainly cracked the code to living an organized, successful, and stylish life — and now, thanks to her tips, so can you!

To learn more about Rachel Zoe, visit her websiteThe Zoe Report, or check out her Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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