Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Amanda Stanton Gets Emotional Talking Josh Murray Split & DramaCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: Amanda Stanton Gets Emotional Talking Josh Murray Split & Drama

By: Christa Ganz

Bachelor in Paradise alum, Amanda Stanton, gets emotional when speaking about recent ex Josh Murray. This celebrity relationship began last year on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise. Stanton, a single mother of two from California, accepted a proposal from Georgia native Josh Murray on the last episode. After their celebrity break-up in January, the two attempted another shot at love in February. That rekindled romance didn’t last very long either. In an emotional interview with, Stanton opens up about her ugly split, and the “red flags” she overlooked throughout their relationship. “It’s hard for me to even talk about it without crying. I think he knew he was going to date me, so I think he kind of pretended to be exactly what he knew I wanted,” Stanton stated, while getting emotional. Stanton also mentioned another red flag for her, which involved mentioning her previous ex Nick Viall. “I guess, a red flag for me was, if he was falling for me, he should’ve just been happy,” she said. “Instead, he focused so much on Nick and what everybody else was saying.” Stanton says she learned from this relationship and hopes to grow from it. “This whole break up has been really, really hard on me and the aftermath has been really hard on me.” For now, Stanton explains that she is focusing on her kids, keeping up with her blog, and writing a book.

This celebrity break-up was anything but drama-free. What are some ways to keep the drama to a minimum mid-breakup?

Cupid’s Advice:

Messy break ups are far from easy. Here are some tips to remain drama free during this hard time:

1. Stay private: Try to keep your business to yourself and, if needed, your close circle of friends. It can become increasingly difficult if you let other people influence you or spread your news around. Make sure anyone you speak to is trustworthy and won’t spread rumors like wildfire.

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2. Compromise: Remember this is a hard time for both you and your ex. Try your best to be civil and come to an agreement you both can live with. Set clear boundaries on what is yours and what is theirs.

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3. Take time: Try not to let your anger influence you in the heat of the moment. Take deep breaths, give yourself time to think the situation over. It’s better to stay silent rather than say something you don’t actually mean.

How did you keep the drama to a minimum during your break up? Comment below.