Cupid's Pulse Article: Are ‘Bachelor’ Nation’s Josh Murray & Amanda Stanton a Celebrity Couple Again?Cupid's Pulse Article: Are ‘Bachelor’ Nation’s Josh Murray & Amanda Stanton a Celebrity Couple Again?

By Whitney Johnson

Back together again? According to, The Bachelorette alum Josh Murray opened up about his recent date with celebrity ex Amanda Stanton. “There’s a lot of things that we need to talk about, a lot of things that we need to get off our chest and everything like that, but we’re trying to work on things in more of a private manner this time, especially taking into consideration Kins and Char, the girls,” the reality TV star revealed during a radio show interview. “So we don’t want to rush anything or say anything that’s not going to happen. But we are talking a little bit right now, and we are going to see what happens.” The celebrity couple got engaged during Bachelor in Paradise last summer but confirmed their break-up this past December. As they work to figure out their celebrity relationship, they’re both currently in Murray’s hometown of Atlanta.

This celebrity couple has gone through some hard times lately. What are some ways to grow from hard times with your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Every relationship goes through rough patches, but that doesn’t mean your love is doomed. If you and your partner, like this celebrity couple, can use the tough times to your advantage and grow from them, you may have a bright future ahead of you. Consider this dating advice:

1. Be patient: Conflicts don’t get resolved over night. It’s hard to practice patience when you’re in a heated argument, but if you find yourself getting worked up, stop and take a few deep breaths. Patience is a quality that will help you get through so much more than a fight with your boyfriend!

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2. Don’t forget to listen: In long-term relationships, it’s easy to forget the importance of your partner’s feelings. As you work through your argument, take the time to truly listen to them, and you may just learn something new about them. By doing so, your relationship may become stronger because of the hard times.

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3. Let go of the past: We all have a tendency to hang on to the past and bring it up during heated moments. Instead, once you come to a resolution, agree to leave the past in the past and let go of your conflict. Focusing on your future as a couple will ensure that you find happiness together.

What’s your best dating advice for growing as a couple during tough times? Tell us in the comments below!