Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘Mom vs. Matchmaker’ Star Carmelia Ray Dishes on Celebrity Relationships & Expert Love AdviceCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘Mom vs. Matchmaker’ Star Carmelia Ray Dishes on Celebrity Relationships & Expert Love Advice

By Delaney Gilbride

The mother of all matchmakers is back and ready to tackle every and any matchmaking challenge that comes her way! Carmelia Ray’s hit show on Myx TV, Mom vs. Matchmaker, is in full swing after the show’s second season debuted on Tuesday, March 14th. Yearning singles couldn’t be more hyped! Ray integrates her 20-plus years of experience as a celebrity matchmaker, certified dating coach, and online dating expert to battle it out with determined mothers in order to find the perfect suitor for struggling singles on her stirring reality TV show. In our exclusive celebrity interview, the matchmaker spills her expert dating advice as well as her views on the hottest celebrity couples.

Carmelia Ray Talks Season Two of Mom vs. Matchmaker

The saying “mother knows best” truly came into play during filming of the second season of Mom vs. Matchmaker — so much so that the expert needed a little help herself as she went head-to-head with the mothers. “I thought the moms were fiery last season,” Ray shares, “but that was a fondue compared to the blazing competitors this season! I had to bring in a smoking hot love assistant, Patrick, to keep up with all that fire.”

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Moms were ready to give their all following the success of the show’s first season, and they sure didn’t disappoint. The process of being a matchmaker isn’t an easy one, especially if you’re butting heads with the mother of a client. Ray recalls working with a mother who called herself the “Mafia Mom” and, boy, did she mean it. The mothers participating in this season showed up “ready to rumble,” making it deliciously exciting for both Ray and her viewers.

Matchmaker Gives Love Advice on the End of “Cuffing Season”

With warm weather just around the corner, Ray’s love advice for the end of “cuffing season” — or winter flings — is short and sweet. “It’s time for spring cleaning!” she exclaims. This advice is both literal and metaphoric when it comes to your life. “Clear out your clutter — in your mind, on your social media, and with your love life. Dump anything or anyone that doesn’t serve you or what you stand for.” Although we all know too well how rough it is to end a winter relationship following long nights of cuddling and cocoa, Ray advises us to leave all of that in the past. The matchmaker thrives off of her ability to connect singles with their life mates and says, “Helping people find love is the best reward I could ever imagine.” So how could her advice possibly steer us wrong?

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As for finding someone special in the heart of spring, Ray mentions that if you’re looking for love, you have to have a plan. “It’s amazing how many singles who are looking for love don’t date!” Ray shares. “My number one tip for someone looking for love is to make sure they have a dating strategy and plan in order to find love. You cannot go into dating without a plan for how, where, and when you plan to be dating.”

An Inside Look at Celebrity Relationships

Since Ray has been coined “the celebrity matchmaker,” it’s only fitting that we asked her a few questions regarding the most popular couples in Hollywood. As for Selena Gomez and the Weeknd, the dating expert totally understands why the public adores their relationship. “They get each other’s lifestyle and understand the hardships of dealing with their lives constantly being under scrutiny,” she says. “This musical pair is an undeniable force and notable power couple.” The matchmaker adds that “there’s something incredibly undeniable about young, attractive, talented, celebrity couples, especially when they combine forces and publicly display their affection and respect for each other.”

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When it comes to favorites, Ray gushes over her all-time favorite celebrity couple: Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. She believes there is so much to learn from them. “To be married and stay married in the world of music, TV, and entertainment is already a huge testament of their devotion, love, and loyalty for one another, despite the bumps,” she shares. We strive to have relationships that last a lifetime, which is why Ray does the job that she does. It’s people like her that help singles like us get over our insecurities about love and jump into it with open arms!

You can connect with Carmelia Ray socially on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @carmeliaray. Don’t forget to hashtag #askmomvsmatchmaker if you have specific questions about your dating life you’d like answered by Carmelia Ray or her team.