Cupid's Pulse Article: Vacation Destinations: Unknown Italy 2017Cupid's Pulse Article: Vacation Destinations: Unknown Italy 2017

By Delaney Gilbride

When you hear the words “Italian vacation” a few specific destinations may pop into your mind: Rome, Venice, Milan, Capri, and more. Celebrity couples have helped romanticize Italy in more ways than one, but what if you don’t want to follow these typical vacation trends? has opened our eyes to Italy in a whole new way, guiding us to destinations unknown by most. These remote locations in Italy will have you looking at romantic getaways in a new light!

Look no further for unique destinations in the heart of Italy! Cupid’s here to help spice up your Italian date ideas:

1. Puglia: This southern region that forms the heel of Italy’s “boot” is known for its stunning scenery. With its pristine, white sandy beaches, mountainous views, and streets lined with lively olive trees, your eyes will never be bored! Aside from the landscape, you and your honey will have endless date nights as Puglia offers multiple vineyards with wine and cheese tasting, pasta making classes, and restaurants serving authentic Italian cuisine. With Puglia being the least explored region in Italy, you’re bound to stroll across something new every day.

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2. Sardinia: Italy’s second largest island resides in the beautifully breathtaking Mediterranean Sea. If you and your significant other crave adventure with a view, Sardinia is the place for you. The island is famous for its natural coral which makes diving in these waters a must. The island also possesses a mountainous interior flooded with hiking trails surrounded by ancient stone ruins from the Bronze Age. If hiking isn’t your thing, there’s no need to worry. Sardinia also offers wine and chocolate tastings along with workshops that transform their coral into stunning jewelry.

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3. Ischia: This volcanic island lives and breathes in the Bay of Naples. Tourists are huge fans of the island’s natural volcanic activity as they enjoy its hot springs and volcanic mud. So don’t worry about the volcanoes; they simply make your stay more exciting! You and your partner will be able to enjoy guided geological hikes within their dense forests, the healing waters provided within spas throughout the island, and its breathtaking beaches. Your date nights will never be boring as Ischia’s harbor district includes brightly lit bars and taverns you’ll enjoy until the wee hours of the morning.

Do you know of any hidden Italian gems? Comment below with your favorite destination!