Cupid's Pulse Article: Serena Williams Talks Celebrity Engagement to Boyfriend Alexis OhanianCupid's Pulse Article: Serena Williams Talks Celebrity Engagement to Boyfriend Alexis Ohanian

By Justin Thomas

Here comes the bride! During a press conference after a successful match at the 2017 Australian Open on Tuesday, Serena Williams opened up about her recent celebrity engagement to her now fiancé Alexis Ohanian. According to, Williams simply said, “It feels good” when asked about her feelings toward her new upcoming nuptials. As exciting as it is, Williams is making it clear she’s not losing focus, saying, “I really haven’t thought about it too much, because I wasn’t even really gonna think about it until after the tournament.” She continued, “So, I just keep saying, ‘February, I’ll start looking at the bigger picture of my life.’ But right now, I’m just so focused that this is all I can think about.” The news of the engagement broke on December 29, though the celebrity couple have been dating since the fall of 2015.

This celebrity engagement is still being celebrated! What are some ways to celebrate your recent engagement with family, friends and each other?

Cupid’s Advice:

Getting engaged is no doubt one of the most exciting moments and experiences in one’s life. There are a rush of thoughts that cross your mind as you begin to celebrate. Here’s some relationship advice from Cupid to help get the celebration started:

1. It takes two: Enter this new phase of your lives together by telling all of your loved ones together as a unit. Be creative or don’t be creative, or yell it from the top of a mountain; it doesn’t matter as long as you share the news together!

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2. Celebrate: Yes, this means all the cliché engagement motions! Call up all of your family and friends, grab your partner, and pop open a bottle of your favorite champagne (or your drink of choice) and get the good times rolling.

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3. Let the real party start: Once everyone leaves and the dust (confetti) has settled, it’s time to celebrate with just the two of you. This can be done at home or through a quick getaway; just make sure it’s special. By now, you can already feel the change in dynamic between you two as the news is still fresh, so relish in it. Make time to do what couples do!

What are some ways you’d celebrate your engagement? Comment below!