Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: We Just Started Seeing Each Other, Should I Get Them A Christmas Gift?Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: We Just Started Seeing Each Other, Should I Get Them A Christmas Gift?

By David Wygant

‘Tis the season to spend a lot of money, fa la la la la, la la la la.

You just started dating somebody. You’re getting to know them. So the big question is, what do you get them for Christmas? As a relationship expert, the greatest thing in the world is meeting somebody between  Thanksgiving and Christmas because you literally are the gift. If you think about it, what have both of you been craving the entire year? Meeting somebody who is absolutely amazing and  crazy about! So isn’t that enough of a gift when it comes down to exchanging something this holiday year? If you still think you should do something special for your new partner, then follow my holiday gift related dating advice.

Dating Advice On Whether Or Not To Get Your New Partner Gifts This Holiday

So follow me on this one. The gift you give them is something that the both of you can do together because you came together during the holidays. So you need to do something that is going to be fun for the two of you to experience. Ask yourself a few questions: What do they like to do? What type of music do they like? Is there a restaurant that they love? Is there a place that they wanted to go for a little overnight trip? Is there a sporting event that they’ve been wanting to go see?

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Think of something that the two of you can do together and either buy tickets, book a little hotel room, or make a reservation. That, to me, is what this time of year is all about. It’s about bonding. Connecting. And it’s not about the physical gift at all. So if you’re dating somebody and you just started dating them, do something that the two of you can experience and enjoy together! That is the best gift that you could possibly give them. The most important part of this brand new relationship is to continue to connect and get to know one and each other.

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In Los Angeles there’s an island called Catalina, where you can get tickets to take the ferry over. Just imagine what a perfect date night that could be  if I was just starting to see somebody during the holiday season. I could take them to Catalina, a place where  we’d walk around and have lunch or dinner. And while you’re going to be doing something  different from my hypothetical Catalina date; you should try to do an activity that’s unique and bonds you both. And there’s nothing better than buying each other a little trinket from that adventure. If their eyes light up when they see a certain t-shirt because it reminds them of when they were a kid. Or if it’s a woman, and she sees a little bracelet that’s really inexpensive, get it for her. It’s something that will remind her of the first Christmas the two of you spent together. Taking actions such as these are  cute and adorable things that will trigger the emotions of a great first holiday, and romance that will hopefully turn into something unforgettable.

Keeping it simple, and keeping it together is what this is all about. You’ve already delivered the best Christmas gift each of you can give: you became each person’s best person you dated all year. So cap it all off by spending some time together and trying out these few dating tips.

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