Cupid's Pulse Article: How to Campaign for a Better RelationshipCupid's Pulse Article: How to Campaign for a Better Relationship

By Tanni Deb and Kayla Garritano

With Election Day in recent history, the best time to campaign for a better relationship is now. Whether that means leaning to the left with a liberal approach or moving toward the right with a more conservative one, you deserve the best relationship. For future date nights with your partner, let’s make sure you can get their vote towards a better relationship.

This relationship advice may win a vote from that special someone:

1. Figure out what you want in a partner: Knowing exactly what you want in a partner will help you narrow down your choices, just as you would with a candidate in an election. Otherwise, you’ll settle for anyone. You can make a list of pros and cons, or just make a mental note, anything to help you make the right moves.

2. Figure out what issues/things you can compromise: Figure out what things you’re willing to let go, such as finding a mate who doesn’t have certain features or doesn’t meet your height requirement. Although compromising is important for a healthy relationship, and this will help you prepare for compromises with your partner in the future, never do it for major issues. For instance, if you want a family in the future, don’t make a life with someone who doesn’t like children.

3. Search: You’ll probably need to search in a variety of places before you find your perfect partner. Dating sites, clubs or even attending a party at your friend’s house can lead you to your ideal mate. You usually end up finding your perfect partner where you least expect it!

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4. Communicate: Communication is the key to every successful relationship. It helps avoid misunderstandings, fixes problems, and aids in understanding each other in order to improve your relationship. Ask your partner how their day was, if they have any new interests, and other common questions like that. You should also show that you appreciate your partner by complimenting him or her once in a while.

5. Listen: Just like communication, listening is another major factor in a successful relationship. Your interest and focus is important to your partner, and when you show that they have your full attention, it means the world to them. It will also build a sense of respect and trust between both of you.

6. Think positively: When you concentrate on the negative aspects, it’ll cause tension in your relationship. The next time you have a negative thought about your significant other’s actions, come up with a more reasonable explanation for his or her act and then discuss it. If an argument arises, control your tone and figure out what the major issue is or the message your partner is trying to communicate. Lastly, remind yourself frequently of the good times you’ve spent together.

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7. Common goals: Having similar ambitions in life makes your relationship stronger. Figure out what both of you want and where you both want to be in the future. Find common goals and talk about how to achieve them together.

8. Find time for each other: Work is important, but for relationships to flourish, it’s essential to have time for your significant other. Instead of taking things too seriously, spend time with your sweetheart, have fun and just relax. Whether it’s a movie night in, an impromptu romantic getaway, or a date at a famous restaurant, make sure you get your time together.

9. Get to know him/her: After you’ve found the person you think is “The One,” date seriously for a while. If you find that the person has way too many red flags or your feelings for him or her aren’t strong enough, it’s best to end the relationship so you don’t drag it out for four more years, or even the rest of your life.

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10. Marriage: Talk about settling down and moving onto the next step in your relationship if you can see yourself married for the rest of your life. Unfortunately with relationships, it’s not quite as easy as electing a new candidate whenever you hit a rough patch.

What methods did you use to find the perfect partner or help change the relationship you’re in? Let us know in a comment below!