Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Author Kailen Rosenberg Gives Dating Advice for Finding ‘Real Love, Right Now’Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Author Kailen Rosenberg Gives Dating Advice for Finding ‘Real Love, Right Now’

By Gabriela Robles

Kailen Rosenberg, Oprah’s “Love Ambassador” and co-host of the revolutionary television show Lovetown USA, knows what it takes to find a lasting relationship and love. The relationship author has a method that inspires people to put aside their bad habits and find their true self — and she has proof that the dating advice works in many happy famous couples that she’s helped. Her new book, Real Love, Right Now, is a set of guidelines that focus on discovering what really matters in a romantic relationship. The dating expert touches upon physical, mental and emotional self-appraisal before explaining her 30-day plan to help singles succeed in their search for The One. Real Love, Right Now even comes with it’s own set of fun “homework” assignments to deepen its impact.

Dating Expert Opens Up About New Book About Love

What inspired you to write this book about love and share your advice for finding your soul mate?

This was something that I’ve wanted to do for many, many years. Whether I was doing something on television or doing something with my clients, I continued to hear, “Oh my goodness, when are you going to put this down in writing? When are you going to get a book out so I can take what I’m learning and follow it in my path everyday?” And I was just so grateful that what I was doing was touching people and helping them move and shift their love lives in a positive way. It was definitely time, and I was really blessed with the opportunity with Howard Books to put this book together. I’m just hoping and praying that it really helps my readers.

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You start by discussing the importance of physical, mental, and emotional self-appraisal. Why do you feel that it’s important to consider these three aspects of yourself before beginning to look for love?

I think so many people believe that, because they’re single, they’re ready for love. Most people actually aren’t, which is why we end up hitting a lot of walls and get stuck in marriages that end in divorce. It’s really crucial for us to ask ourselves why we want love in our lives. If we believe that we know what we want from someone else, then we must know what we have to offer to a relationship for it to be happy, sexy, and amazing. All of those things that we want from someone are things that the other person deserves as well. Many times we don’t think about that, and it comes off as very one-sided. We need to really be in the best place that we can be in terms of our physical, emotional and spiritual states. Otherwise, roadblocks happen, and we unknowingly sabotage our relationship.

You have “homework” assignments at the end of each chapter. How important is that work to your method?

Those assignments are really important because they get people in touch with themselves. They realize that maybe they were connected to the wrong truth, that maybe there’s a different self that they were meant to be. It’s one thing to just sit and read a book and kind of take it in. But if you take that time to do the homework and dive into who you were in the past, who you are today and who you want to be in the future, you start to become your own true friend in a way unlike ever before. You honor yourself, and those lessons learned really stick with you. I’m hearing from readers that, after they finish the homework, set the book down and enter the real world, something will remind them of the work they just did and the chapter they just read. It’ll make them realize, “Oh wow, I’m already moving and growing.”

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Relationship Author Gives Readers Her Best Dating Advice

So what’s the trick? What are people who have found love using your method doing differently from people who aren’t?

They are learning, for the first time in their lives, how to stop ignoring their inner voice, how to stop ignoring red flags and how to truly understand what they want. That’s one of the greatest ways that we can really love ourselves and honor our true value. We often end up abandoning ourselves more than we realize, and when we do, we end up with the wrong partner and in the wrong relationship. We need to really, really pay attention to that inner voice, that wisdom that’s there to guide us. It’s not there to hurt us, and it’s not there to steer us wrong. I’m not kidding you — if everyone could learn to listen to it and to trust it, we would all be in such an amazing place.

And finally, as a relationship author and dating expert, what is your number one tip for people trying to make themselves ready for love?

You need to sit down and have a reality check with yourself. Who were you in past relationships? Who have you been? Are you proud of your behavior? Do you think you’ve been honest with yourself and those you’ve attracted? My number one tip is just to get raw and real with yourself and discover who you are and what you want. You have to be in that place where you’re listening to your inner voice and where you know you will never settle due to desperation or fear. That’s never a reason to stay in a bad relationship or start a new one.

You can purchase a copy of Real Love, Right Now on Amazon. To learn more about Kailen, you can view her biography on The Love Architects or check her out on and Twitter @kailenrosenberg.