Cupid's Pulse Article: Will ‘Bachelor’ Celebrity Couple Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell Split Over JoJo Fletcher Drama?Cupid's Pulse Article: Will ‘Bachelor’ Celebrity Couple Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell Split Over JoJo Fletcher Drama?

By Kayla Garritano

Is it a happily ever after? The new show from Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After, gave viewers a chance to see the couple post-BachelorHowever, according to, psychotherapist and relationship expert Rhonda-Richards Smith dishes about whether she thinks this couple has what it takes to move past tensions, the biggest one being his prior love for runner-up JoJo Fletcher. The premiere of the show, which aired on Tuesday, October 11, started with the drama of going to Fletcher’s After The Final Rose ceremony, where Bushnell said she is tired of having her Bachelor season 20 rival associated with the celebrity couple.

This celebrity couple could have some obstacles to overcome when it comes to Ben’s ex, JoJo. What are some ways to keep ex drama out of your current relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Leaving an ex behind can sometimes be difficult to overcome, especially if you have a lot of history. But for the sake of a new and healthy relationship, you want to make sure the ex drama stays out. Cupid is here with some relationship advice:

1. Stay away: If you’re anything like Lauren Bushnell, you’re going to want to stay away from the ex, even if it’s for their new happiness with someone else. A friendly congratulations may be enough to help avoid any problems.

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2. Realize you’re happier without them: The reason why Ben didn’t choose JoJo was because he was happier with Lauren. The reason why it didn’t work out with your ex is because you know you’re better off without them, and will be happier with someone else. Just make sure you know that before you jump into anything serious. We don’t want those past feelings lingering into a new relationship!

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3. Confront the problem: If the problem is that serious and you think you can’t move on because of past feelings, it may be best to talk the problem out with your ex upfront. It’s better to admit your feelings than to deny them. Talking it out makes it easier to move on, and hopefully you’ll be able to find some closure.

How have you kept ex drama out of your current relationship? Comment below!